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What have you used your MT/SAK for today? - Mercury today, MTSAK, your, used, have, What,
Ok, this is a shameless theft of thread idea from Multitool.org, but it is one of the most active and interesting threads we have over there.

What kind of use have you put your Multitool or SAK to today? (or yesterday, or whenever)

I used my Blast last night at work to take a door lock apart and replace the bad parts, then I put it back together. I had to use a custom torx bit that I made to fit in the Blast bit adapter. The screws on these locks are tamper proof so the torx bits that come in the LM bit kit don't work. I really like how compact the bit kit is, when I combine it with my Blast I have pretty much all the tools I need every day, but in a very neat package.
[VolkStudio Blog] Seen at Panera Bread today - bot today, Bread, Panera, Seen, Blog, VolkStudio,
Seen at Panera Bread today

A friendly Nashville family. The pistols are usually concealed.

[VolkStudio Blog] One of today’s visitors - bot visitors, today’s, Blog, VolkStudio,
One of today’s visitors

[REI Blog] Bear Encounter from the 1920s (Not Recommended Today!) - bot Today, Recommended, 1920s, from, Encounter, Bear, Blog,
Bear Encounter from the 1920s (Not Recommended Today!)


Here's a bear-encounter photo that prompts a double-take or OMG from nearly everyone who sees it. T ...

[Survival Today] Preparing for Earthquakes in Central US - bot Central, Earthquakes, Preparing, Today, Survival,
Preparing for Earthquakes in Central US

If you live in one of the central states in the United States, you can participate in The Great Central US Shake Out, happening on April 28th 2011. Folks in Indiana will get to do it a bit earlier, on April 19th. This is the first time such a large scale drill is being done

[Survival Today] Survival Library in your pocket : Books for your Kindle - bot Kindle, your, Books, pocket, Library, Survival, Today,
Survival Library in your pocket : Books for your Kindle

We should never stop educating ourselves about emergency preparedness. If you’re like me, after a while the bookshelves get filled with dozens of survival-related books. Which book would you carry in case you need to evacuate or Bug Out? Well, how about every one of them? A few months ago I purchased an Amazon Kindle

[Survival Today] Disaster Scenarios – When Aliens Attack? - bot Attack, Aliens, When, Scenarios, Disaster, Today, Survival,
Disaster Scenarios – When Aliens Attack?

When we talk about disasters, we usually refer to the more typical type of scenarios – a natural disaster, a disease outbreak or a terrorist attack, for example. How about more “out-there” type of scenarios? The National Geographic Channel just showed an interesting 2 hour special on When Aliens Attack. Overall, it’s a refreshing change

[Survival Today] Urban Evac Tip: Learn to run with c25k - bot c25k, with, Learn, Evac, Urban, Today, Survival,
Urban Evac Tip: Learn to run with c25k

How heavy is your Bug Out Bag (or Get Home Bag)? Sure you can probably carry it around — but are you able to walk or run long distances with it? If like me, you’ve been a couch potato for a long time, it’s very tough to get back into running shape. Luckily, there’s C25K.

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