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[survival.org.au] Family and Community Farming - bot Farming, Community, Family, survivalorgau,
Family and Community Farming

Sustainable Organic Farming - Family and Community.

The aim of this section of the website is to learn to become as familiar as possible with (initially)
growing food and (later on, as I get around to it) keeping animals. If you are new to this, it is best to
start small and work up from there.

Everyone can have some kind of kitchen garden, even if it is only a few pots in kitchen. The darkest
basement kitchen could provide the perfect conditions for producing a constant supply of mushrooms and bean
shoots, with herbs in a window box outside. In a well-lit kitchen, mustard and cress, chives and many herbs
could be grown inside, and dwarf tomatoes outside in a window box.

George Seddon, Your Vegetable Garden in Australia, p14

For many city and suburban people this is a whole new field of experience. As a first step,...

[survival.org.au] Why is Peak Oil a Problem? - bot Problem, Peak, survivalorgau,
Why is Peak Oil a Problem?

To understand why peak oil is a problem you need to be able to hold about a dozen facts
in your mind simultaneously. If you can do that then suddenly a light will go on in your mind—you will
get it—and from then on you will understand the true nature of the problem.
If one critical fact is missing
from your understanding, then you will be able to say to yourself that this may not really be an important
issue to consider in your life.

Eventually I may add links from these basic points to more lengthy explanations of them. There are plenty of
other websites with this information already there, if you look for it.

Oil is necessary for every aspect of our modern society. Not only transport—it is the raw material for all
plastics, basically all pharmaceuticals (drugs), pesticides (needed for our modern methods of food production),

[survival.org.au] Making Cordage from Mat Rush - bot Rush, from, Cordage, Making, survivalorgau,
Making Cordage from Mat Rush

How To Make Cordage from Mat Rush (Lomandra).

This is a quick description of some cordage I made from Lomandra (Mat-rush). I am currently experimenting with
how to do this well, and trying new techniques such as soaking the leaves first. In this example I didn't soak
the leaves, but used them freshly picked.

[survival.org.au] The Psychology of Gardening - bot Gardening, Psychology, survivalorgau,
The Psychology of Gardening

I don't know what it is about a garden that has always drawn humans to them. But they've always
been very popular, and an integral part of peoples' lifestyles. Most religions feature gardens as the settings
for some of the biggest events According to Christianity, humanity was started in a garden and the son of God
was resurrected in a garden. The Buddhist build gardens to allow nature to permeate their surroundings. Almost
every major palace and government building has a garden. But what's so great about them? They're just a bunch of plants, after all.

Of course, the reasoning is fairly obvious behind why people grow food in gardens. It's to eat! If you live off the
fat of the land and actually survive on stuff from your garden, it's easy to understand the reasoning.

[survival.org.au] Doctors Weigh In On Phone Brain Cancer Links - bot Links, Cancer, Brain, Phone, Weigh, Doctors, survivalorgau,
Doctors Weigh In On Phone Brain Cancer Links

By Stephen King.

Stephen King: Increasingly doctors worldwide are reporting their findings
that cell phones are a legitimate threat to human health. The following doctors are joining the already long
list of the medical community who want the public and safety organizations to recognize the problems and learn
more about preventive methods people can practice. Dr. Charles Teo, Neurosurgeon in Australia, co-authored a
peer reviewed research paper with Dr. Vini Khurana where they said they are very concerned with the link of
cell phones and brain tumors.

Dr. Teo says: If the question is do I believe that mobile phones can cause brain cancer? The answer is yes, I do.
Teo also gives this warning: I'm incredibly worried, concerned, depressed at the number of kids I'm seeing coming in
with brain tumors. Just in the last three or four weeks I've seen nearly half a dozen kids with...

[survival.org.au] Picking the Ideal Location for your Garden - bot Garden, your, Location, Ideal, Picking, survivalorgau,
Picking the Ideal Location for your Garden

One of the first things do decide when starting a new garden is to choose its location. This is
usually decided by several factors: How you will water it, how much shade it needs, etc. Some of these questions
can be very important in deciding whether your garden lives or dies, so don't take them lightly. You need to
take each one into special consideration:

1. Choose the climate to suit the plants you want to grow,
2. How are
you going to water it?
3. Sun versus shade.


[survival.org.au] Mulching for Free - bot Free, Mulching, survivalorgau,
Mulching for Free

There are many options for organic mulching that you can explore. These days, many gardeners
are discovering new sources of free mulch that has been there all along; an untapped resource. These include
clippings from a lawn, or woody prunings from other plants in your yard.

You will be surprised by how
beneficial all these things can be, and how often the opportunity arises to use them.

[survival.org.au] Jesus (Part 2) - bot Part, Jesus, survivalorgau,
Jesus (Part 2)

This page is a continuation of Jesus (Part 1). It is taken from the chapters Jesus
and Wilderness Mind in the book The Quest by Tom Brown, Jr. I have added in the headings myself
to make it easier to read. ...I finally rallied enough courage to ask Grandfather a question, still
stunned by what he had said. What, then, are the simple teachings of the Bible and Jesus?, I asked.

[survival.org.au] Survival Essentials: How To Survive In The Wilderness - bot Wilderness, Survive, Essentials, Survival, survivalorgau,
Survival Essentials: How To Survive In The Wilderness

This page is about how to survive in the wilderness for a short period of time — such as might happen
if you got lost on a bushwalking or camping trip. My earlier page on survival basics is more about long-term
wilderness living skills, where you are going to be out in the wilderness for a long time.

This page is for people
who only want to stay out there for as long as it takes for a rescue/search party to find you, or for you to find
your own way back. It also covers the most basic and important skills to learn for anyone who is just getting started
with this kind of stuff.

[survival.org.au] The Bush Tucker Diet — A Nutritional Analysis - bot Analysis, Nutritional, Diet, Tucker, Bush, survivalorgau,
The Bush Tucker Diet — A Nutritional Analysis


This page is taken from an article written by Elyssa Mackie in 2005 on the Australian bush tucker diet, containing an overview of the bush tucker diet and a nutritional analysis of Australian bush tucker plant foods.

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