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Nitecore Explorer (EC, EA) series EDC flashlights - UPDATED - tam UPDATED, flashlights, series, Explorer, Nitecore,
Sysmax Industry (owner of both Jetbeam and Nitecore flashlight brands) had put on display these prototypes of compact EDC flashlights during a trade fair in early 2011.

Their exterior design vaguely resembles Zebralight SC series, but they have two soft (i.e. electronic) side switches - one presumably for switching on/off and the other for mode change. Battery tube shape and dimensions denote the probable types of battery format: 1xAA, 1xCR123 and 2xCR123 (or possibly 1x18650).

Inscriptions on displayed flashlights said DS1, ES1, ES2, but neither official announcement nor specifications were issued. Later in 2011, upon enquiry by a CPF member, Sysmax even claimed not being connected to these prototypes in any way (!)

Newest insider information say that these flashlights are finally entering production and will be released in March 2012.


[Every Day Commentary] Top Ten Values from the Recommendation Series - bot Series, Recommendation, from, Values, Commentary, Every,
Top Ten Values from the Recommendation Series

There is only one more article left in the Recommendation Series, the more than $1000 price range, and with the sky as the limit, I thought it might be a good time to look back over the series and highlight some exceptionally good buys.

The point of this post is to review what was recommended and find the best overall values. Some best value items didn't win the overall recommendation in their price range because value was not the sole criteria. I looked at the price ranges like this: if I had X to spend, given the specs, the feedback from various sources, and the company's reputation, what would I buy. So while the Skyline may be a better value at $30 than the Delica is at $50, the Delica, in my opinion is the better knife for under $50. That said, some folks just want to know PURE value--what is the best buy for the money, regardless of the price range the item falls into. I created this list for those people.

Many of the items are...
[The Zombie Blog] Babylon Fields, Upcoming CBS Zombie Series - bot Series, Zombie, Upcoming, Fields, Babylon, Blog,
Babylon Fields, Upcoming CBS Zombie Series

A pilot episode for a zombie tv series. See pics here.

[Every Day Commentary] Light&Saber Recommendations Series - bot Series, Recommendations, LightSaber, Commentary, Every,
Light&Saber Recommendations Series

Having done this for a while now, like three or four months, I have decided to distill some of what I have learned into a series of commentaries on recommended gear. The idea is taken from the Recommended Systems archives from one of my favorite A/V sites, Audioholics. Here is their system recommendations page. One of the most frequently asked questions on all gear forums is usually some formulation of the following: I am in the market for X; I have Y to spend, what should I get?

With that basic premise as my guide I plan on looking at gear in a bunch of price ranges. I am not, however, going to give recommendations for an entire EDC set up. I thought about it, but then I realized I couldn't do it. First, beyond a few essentials, which I will get to in a moment, what people carry everyday is highly task specific, so detailing an entire set up, purely in theory,...
[Flashlight Blog] Review - 4Sevens Quark Turbo Series - bot Series, Turbo, Quark, 4Sevens, Review, Blog, Flashlight,
Review - 4Sevens Quark Turbo Series

The Quark Turbo series of flashlights make
long-range lights small and affordable.
While I haven't gotten around to reviewing them yet, 4Sevens Quark flashlights are a staple product for the 4Sevens company. The Quark series is know for its compact brightness and durability. One of the features of the...
[Flashlight Blog] Review - 4Sevens Quark MiNi Series - bot Series, MiNi, Quark, 4Sevens, Review, Blog, Flashlight,
Review - 4Sevens Quark MiNi Series

One of the most popular series of flashlights that 4Sevens puts it is the Quark MiNi series, and for good reason, too. These flashlights are some of the most compact and bright lights on the market today. If you're on to lookout for a super-bright, but compact flashlight, then you're going to enjoy this post.

Steel wool vs. 9V battery (BBC Bang Series) - tam Series, Bang, battery, wool, Steel,
Check this out:


However it can be useful to know this technique, but I don't normally carry this kind of stuff when I head for the woods.

Also seen it on some Disc0very survival show - some guy and gal stucked in a desert in-the-middle-of-nowhere, pulled 6LR61 alkaline battery and fine steel wool from their kit to start a fire - it was plain lame :smiley_puke_ani:

In my childhood I wasn't aware of this property of steel wool - there were no Internet and Disc0very Channel (lucky my parents, hehe..) :icon_cheesygrin: :smiley_fire:


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