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Wenger Evolution ST 10 mini review - tam ST 10, Swiss Army Knife, review, Evolution, Wenger,
Recent post from my blog (everyone's welcome), a mini review of Wenger Evolution ST 10 Swiss Army knife:



Nitecore Explorer EC2 - Mini Review - tam Review, Mini, Explorer, Nitecore,
For some time I've been waiting to get my hands on this innovative piece of Chinese flashlight engineering - a member of Nitecore's Explorer family of EDC lights.

Size of EC2 is really minuscule, its full length is just 99mm (for comparison, 18650 battery length is 65mm!) which makes it one of the smallest in-line 1x18650 flashlights ever made. Diameter of the flashlight is 1in (25.4mm). It uses one 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery or two CR123A lithium primaries with approximately same output (thanks to good regulation).

Explorer Series flashlights are aimed at adventuring, outdoor type of user, hence they all have formidable throw for reflectored lights of their diameter (EC2's peak beam intensity is 5,650 candela, which equals to 150m of throw according to ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standard). Emitter used is Cree's XP-G R5, which delivers some 320lm (an independent test shows even more!) when fully powered up in...
Ray-O-Vac Industrial Grade Flashlight mini review and simple modification. - lightknot modification, simple, review, mini, Flashlight, Grade, Industrial, Ray O Vac,
Budget lights: RAY-O-VAC Industrial Grade LED Flashlights. Aluminum titanium bodies, heavy shock absorbing rubber shrouds on the head and tail. The larger, 3C battery 140 lumen, 2 mode version was purchased at Home Depot iin Arizona, USA. The light is OK, (for a budget light) stock, quite a tight thrower, but not up to flashaholic lumen standards. Immediately after purchase a quick disassembly was in order. Head, emitter and reflector were all glued, but with a flexible rubber cement type glue that was possible to break. The the emitter, heat sink, and reflectors were pulled first. Next a standard (P-60 sized) SST-50 drop was wrapped in with several turns of copper foil and pressed (threaded) it into the head. Reassembed, and Voila! A multi purpose, heavy duty, budget flashlight with a mega-bright high and a useful low. Mod took 15 minutes. There are plans to replace the stock emitter with an SST-90 and re-install with the original aluminum heat sink. Easy, fun mod, these bodies come in 2 x AA and 3 x C battery configurations, and they are built like tanks. Specs from...
Interesting EDC review blog at Blogspot - tam Blogspot, blog, review, Interesting,
There's an interesting EDC review blog over at blogspot.com. It's originally in Serbian language (blog name translates literally as Everyday gadgets), but a translation tool is available for English. Check it out:



[SurvivalistBoards.com] Review: Sure Shot Exploding Targets - now this is fun! - bot this, Targets, Exploding, Shot, Sure, Review, SurvivalistBoardscom,
Review: Sure Shot Exploding Targets - now this is fun!

These targets are lots of fun, and who knows... in a SHTF situation it might come in handy having some explosives around.

‪Review: Sure...

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] Review: Glock 17 gen4 - bot gen4, Glock, Review, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
Review: Glock 17 gen4

Hi guys, this is my review on the Glock 17 gen 4. http://youtu.be/RoxxRiQRwGo   Not many changes, but most of the ones made are indeed an improvement. The improvements are: 1) New and improved recoil spring. 2) Smaller grip size with a different texture and two extra adapters. 3) Less reflective Tennifer finish 4) Larger

[SHTF Blog] Book Review – The Prepper’s Pocket Guide - bot Guide, Pocket, Prepper’s, Review, Book, Blog, SHTF,
Book Review – The Prepper’s Pocket Guide

101 Easy Things You Can Do To Ready Your Home For A Disaster by Bernie Carr   This book should be a part of every prepper’s library.  It covers everything from buying staples in bulk (# 41), to how to distill water (#25), to how to navigate without a compass (#100).  In the introduction she

No related posts.

[EDC Items] Lifesaver Bottle Review - bot Review, Bottle, Lifesaver, Items,
Lifesaver Bottle Review

No, we aren't talking about bottle modeled after the candy. The Lifesaver bottle was developed by a British company as a water bottle with a built-in filtering system. Having the filter made into the bottle negates having to carry around a separate filter. When looking for water filtration systems, you have to read the fine

[BritishBlades] A.G. Russell 2010 Texas Ranger review - bot review, Ranger, Texas, 2010, Russell, BritishBlades,
A.G. Russell 2010 Texas Ranger review

Finally finished my review for this knife:

*Overall Score: 8,86*

A very nice knife at a very nice price. Some might have problems with the fact that it was produced in China, but what this knife demonstrates is that China can be the new Japan as far as cutlery goes. With A.G.'s quality...

http://www.britishblades.com/forums/showthread.php?130926-A.G.-Russell-2010-Texas-Ranger-review&goto =newpost
[CandlePowerForums - Blogs] Review: The NiteFLUX RedZone 4 - bot RedZone, NiteFLUX, Review, Blogs, CandlePowerForums,
Review: The NiteFLUX RedZone 4

---Quote (Originally by Savvas)---
Hi Folks,

I have taken some photos of my Nitezone. I may or may not manage to attach them to this post as I've never done this before. :hairpull:Image:...

[E.D.C. Central Blog] American Kami Ti Spork Review - bot Review, Spork, Kami, American, Blog, Central,
American Kami Ti Spork Review

The spork. A tool which is the combination of two eating utensils, a spoon and a fork. The spork is defined as “a hybrid form of cutlery taking the form of a spoon-like shallow scoop with three or four fork tines”. When I hear the term “spork”, I am whisked away to memories of my grade school cafeteria. But I never thought that one day, the spork would be used for something other than scooping up cafeteria food. This brings me to the American Kami Ti-Spork. ...

[Suburban Survivalist] Book Review: Tooth and Nail - bot Nail, Tooth, Review, Book, Survivalist, Suburban,
Book Review: Tooth and Nail

Tooth and Nail (2010) by Craig DiLouie is the story of a U.S. Army unit quickly redeployed from Iraq to New York to help restore order and fight a flu-like pandemic. Then things get crazy when some flu victims develop a fast acting rabies infection. The pandemic starts as a respiratory infection with a high border=0

[Suburban Survivalist] Book Review: Survivors - bot Survivors, Review, Book, Survivalist, Suburban,
Book Review: Survivors

Survivors (1976) by Terry Nation is the story of those in England who survive a pandemic that wipes out over 95 percent of the earths population (also a TV series in the UK). This novel starts off like a lot of pandemic apocalypse novels, everyone is slow to understand what’s going on as public transportation border=0

[Suburban Survivalist] Review: Kel-Tec SU-16C Carbine - bot Carbine, SU 16C, Kel Tec, Review, Survivalist, Suburban,
Review: Kel-Tec SU-16C Carbine

Several months ago I saw a deal on a Kel-Tec SU-16C ($515 from Bud’s) that I couldn’t pass up. Once I got it, it took awhile to find time to get to a rifle range and shoot it. But now that I’ve shot it, had it apart a few times, and done a few basic border=0

[Suburban Survivalist] Review: DuraCoat Shake N Spray - bot Spray, Shake, DuraCoat, Review, Survivalist, Suburban,
Review: DuraCoat Shake N Spray

DuraCoat is a hard polymer paint using a base and hardener (like epoxy) designed for painting firearms, including moving parts, barrels, etc. It dries to the touch after 20 minutes, can be used after curing to eight hours, but takes several weeks to fully cure to super hardness. It comes in dozens of colors & border=0

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