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[RKBArms Blog] Glock 26 Review - bot Review, Glock, Blog, RKBArms,
Glock 26 Review

There are plenty reviews of the 3rd generation Glock 26 so I just want to highlight some points that impressed me after reviewing the gun. If you are in the market for a 9mm/40S&W sub compact, I would narrow it down to either the Glock 26/27 or Springfield Armory's XD.

The Finish
Glock uses a Tenifer process to the slide before it's Parkerized. Tenifer protects the slide from corrosion, it's 99.9% salt water corrosion resistant. Looking closely at it, the finish is really nice. After...
[Every Day Commentary] Kershaw OD-2 Review - bot Review, OD 2, Kershaw, Commentary, Every,
Kershaw OD-2 Review

What's the least amount of money you have paid for a knife? I am not talking about novelty commemorative knives from the Smokey Mountains or throw away, look-how-cheap-this-is purchases from Harbor Freight or Deal Exchange. What is the cheapest real knife you have ever bought?

For me, it is $15. I was at a knife show, mesmerized by the ZT350 and drooling over a Sebenza, but lacking funds for either, when I saw the Kershaw OD-2. It was a close out. The box had been opened and the knife was a display, but everything was in working order and the edge was quite keen. The show was ending in about an hour and I asked the guy for the price. He gave me a price that was silly. I told him, I'd give him $15 flat. He said no. I walked away and did another loop around the show. On the way passed his table he snagged me and asked if it was cash. I said yes, and he...
[Flashlight Blog] Review - 4Sevens Preon Flashlights are Awesome! - bot Awesome, Flashlights, Preon, 4Sevens, Review, Blog,
Review - 4Sevens Preon Flashlights are Awesome!

Well, I had just tested out some 4Sevens Flashlights. The lights that I'd like to review first are the Preon series of flashlights. It is impressive at how they pack so much light in such a small package.

A look at the Preon Series by 4Sevens.
I, like many of you, am constantly searching for a small, yet very bright flashlight, one that I can...
[RKBArms Blog] Springfield XD 9mm Service Model Review - bot Review, Model, Service, Springfield, Blog, RKBArms,
Springfield XD 9mm Service Model Review

This is the XD 4 Service model chambered in 9mm Parabellum. It's too big for an EDC gun but it can be the occasional carry gun with the right holster. My primary use for the XD is for competition and home defense. I've fired approximately 700 rounds of various ammunition brands and only had malfunctions during the first couple hundred rounds. Most were stovepipes but a few times the slide did lock back after the last round was fired. This problem only happened using Tulammo which I no longer use. There is definitely a break-in...
[Flashlight Blog] Review - 4Sevens Maelstorm is a Blast! - bot Blast, Maelstorm, 4Sevens, Review, Blog, Flashlight,
Review - 4Sevens Maelstorm is a Blast!

I just got done testing the 4Sevens Maelstrom G5 and I can say that I am most impressed with this flashlight. In this review, I will share my thoughts about this excellent long-range tactical light.

4Sevens Maelstrom G5
The king of the 4Sevens product line, the Maelstrom G5 is the brightest, furthest shining, largest and most expensive flashlight that 4Sevens offers. Despite being the largest, however, the Maelstrom G5 is still small enough to be comfortably...
[Every Day Commentary] Spyderco Delica 4 Review - bot Review, Delica, Spyderco, Commentary, Every,
Spyderco Delica 4 Review

I owned a SAK Super Tinker when I was younger. It was the first knife I was given and I loved it. Then, senior year in high school, 1995 for me, my Dad went to Boston for a business trip and visited Stoddards in downtown Boston. When he was there he bought me a Spyderco Delica on the recommendation of the person behind the counter. It had a molded plastic clip, but other than that, it was pretty much the same knife we have today. That knife was my EDC from 1995 until 2003 when I mailed it to myself at a post office near a courthouse (I learned that lesson). The package arrived, obviously opened, and my Delica was gone. About six years later I purchased a Delica 4 at the Kittery Trading Post. Both were the combo edge version.

The Delica and Endura lines are among two of the oldest...
[Every Day Commentary] Kershaw Scallion Review - bot Review, Scallion, Kershaw, Commentary, Every,
Kershaw Scallion Review

After my Delica disappeared into the bowels of the Postal Service, I waited a long time before getting another knife to carry. Around 2005, about three years later, I purchased a Kershaw Scallion to live in my pocket and do urban living kind of tasks--opening packages, gutting clamshells, cutting paper and twine, nothing too heavy use. I had never heard of Kershaw at the time, but the Scallion was the right size and the right price. Plus I had seen a demo of the assisted opening device during a trip to a knife store in the Providence Place Mall.

The demo was at a store called On the Edge Cutlery and it was the only place to see knives in person. Unfortunately, the place was staffed by genuine assholes. I...
[RKBArms Blog] Bersa Thunder 380 Duo-Tone Review - bot Review, Duo Tone, Thunder, Bersa, Blog, RKBArms,
Bersa Thunder 380 Duo-Tone Review

I picked up a Bersa Thunder 380 DuoTone in October. It's a fun gun and I see why Bersa owners love this gun. Here is my review:

This isn't a pocket gun like the Kel Tec P-3AT but it's definitely a gun small enough to carry concealed. It's all metal frame makes it on the heavy side weighing 24 oz with magazine unloaded. It has a 3.5 barrel and is 1.3 thick. There is little recoil. Shooting tight groups is easy and fun.

There are so many safety features on this gun: integral safety...
[RKBArms Blog] Smith & Wesson 908S Review - bot Review, 908S, Wesson, Smith, Blog, RKBArms,
Smith & Wesson 908S Review

The Smith & Wesson 908/908S (103890) is a third generation semi-auto pistol. It's also known as the economy version of the 3913/3914. It's a single stack 9mm with a capacity of 8+1. No longer in production since around 2000, I had to do some hunting online before I got my hands on a 908 stainless. I found one through GunsAmerica.com for $275 that was practically brand new. Because the 908 has been out of production for 10 years now, it's very hard to find one factory new but Bud's Gun Shop did have the blued for $499.

The Gun
The 908 has an all metal alloy frame. It's a respectable sized compact,...
[EDC Blog] Review - Gerber Artifact Keychain Multi-Tool - bot Multi Tool, Keychain, Artifact, Gerber, Review, Blog,
Review - Gerber Artifact Keychain Multi-Tool

People usually put trinkets or knick-knacks on their keychains for sentimental value. Personally, I do not understand that. I mean, if you are going to carry something around with you everywhere, why not carry something useful? All those trinkets add up and can end up being pretty heavy. I've seen people's keychains be so big and bulky that it becomes hard to carry them.

For a person with a preparedness mindset, the objects carried on one's person should be carefully chosen, since we, as human beings, can only comfortably carry a limited weight. We ought to make the most of the weight that we choose to carry.

Today, I'd like to review a tool that would actually be useful hanging off of your keychain. It's multi-tool but unlike most multi-tools, it's very small and light.
[RKBArms Blog] Review Streamlight PolyTac C4 LED - bot PolyTac, Streamlight, Review, Blog, RKBArms,
Review Streamlight PolyTac C4 LED

My everyday carry tactical flashlight is the Streamlight PolyTac C4 LED. The PolyTac comes in either the C4 LED or Xenon bulb. Comparing the C4 LED to the Xenon, 120 lumens vs 72 lumens, 3 hour runtime vs 1 1/3 hour runtime, 40,000 hour bulb vs 30 hour bulb, it's clear the C4 LED is the winner. The PolyTac's competition is Surefire's G2 LED. The G2 has been updated with an aluminum bezel and it's maximum brightness is now equal to the PolyTac, 120 lumens.

[Flashlight Blog] Review - 4Sevens Preon ReVo - bot ReVo, Preon, 4Sevens, Review, Blog, Flashlight,
Review - 4Sevens Preon ReVo

4Sevens recently released a few new flashlights: the Quark MiNi AA² and the Preon ReVo. Both flashlights are interesting in their design and function. I promise you guys that I will get to reviewing both, but today I'll be reviewing the Preon ReVo.

The Preon ReVo by 4Sevens is a great EDC Keychain...
[EDC Blog] Review - 4Sevens Quark MiNi AA² - bot AA², MiNi, Quark, 4Sevens, Review, Blog,
Review - 4Sevens Quark MiNi AA²

Understanding that a flashlight is an important piece of every day carry (EDC) gear, today I wanted to shed some light on one of my favorites. (See what I did there?) I wanted to go over a relatively inexpensive, but very bright light from 4Sevens. It is the newest release in the Quark MiNi line of lights; a products line know for its compact brightness.
4Sevens Quark MiNi AA² is an excellent EDC...
[Every Day Commentary] Leatherman Serac S3 Review - bot Review, Serac, Leatherman, Commentary, Every,
Leatherman Serac S3 Review

I have always been curious about the Leatherman Serac S3. It seemed like a simple, yet robust design with a lot of features that I really like in a flashlight. After I did a commentary about the light, found here , I came into a bit of unexpected cash, and bought one. Here it is on my slate slab background (which makes for easier and interesting macro shots):


I have been carrying it now for a while, and used it exclusively on a recent trip out of state. I have also let my infant son play with it and he beat it to smithereens. He would put it in his mouth, he would drag it along pavement, he would use it to tap baby-Morse code on heating elements...
[EDC Blog] Review - CRKT Drifter - bot Drifter, CRKT, Review, Blog,
Review - CRKT Drifter

One of the most impressive folding knives for the price that I have come across have been the Drifter series of knives by Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT). It offers a medium-sized, high quality knife that's razor sharp out of the box and super fast to open; the CRKT Drifter is a very good every day carry (EDC) choice.

The Drifter comes in two flavors, both excellent with their respective advantages. There is the light-weight Drifter G10, which is liner-locking and has G10 side scales. Then there is the Drifter Stainless, which is a frame-locking design with a stainless steel frame. It is heavier, but feels more solid in the hand.

(For those who do not know...
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