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Adfly problem - Soappeddler problem, Adfly,
Every time I click on a link in a post in this forum a new widow opens up showing the Adfly site and I don't get the content that the link is supposed to provide. Is anyone else experiencing this?
[Multitool.org] Re: Win7 desktop problem - bot problem, desktop, Win7, Multitoolorg,
Re: Win7 desktop problem

Ok, stupid question, but under Device Manager, under what label may I find the motherboard?  :/

[survival.org.au] Why is Peak Oil a Problem? - bot Problem, Peak, survivalorgau,
Why is Peak Oil a Problem?

To understand why peak oil is a problem you need to be able to hold about a dozen facts
in your mind simultaneously. If you can do that then suddenly a light will go on in your mind—you will
get it—and from then on you will understand the true nature of the problem.
If one critical fact is missing
from your understanding, then you will be able to say to yourself that this may not really be an important
issue to consider in your life.

Eventually I may add links from these basic points to more lengthy explanations of them. There are plenty of
other websites with this information already there, if you look for it.

Oil is necessary for every aspect of our modern society. Not only transport—it is the raw material for all
plastics, basically all pharmaceuticals (drugs), pesticides (needed for our modern methods of food production),

[Every Day Commentary] The "problem" with ZDP-189 and a short comparison to other steels - bot steels, other, comparison, short, ZDP 189, with, problem, Commentary, Every,
The problem with ZDP-189 and a short comparison to other steels

All of the reviews I had done thus far are from items that I own or have owned. Generally speaking I don't review a knife until it needs a sharpening. When I get them I usually run them through some cutting tests, like paper and shaving, but I also give them a quick swipe on the Sharpmaker. Then I let them live in my pocket for a few months doing normal EDC tasks with them. Finally, once they have lost their edge, I sit down with the Sharpmaker and bring them back. No second sharpening, no review.


Well, ZDP-189 is presenting me with some problems. I have had my DF2 for a month now and I have used it almost exclusively and yet I can't tell any difference whatsoever in terms of is keen edge. I also didn't need to sharpen it when it came out of the box. ...
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