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Four Leaf Flashlights.com - Flashlights, knives, electronics and adventure gear! - lightknot gear, adventure, electronics, knives, Flashlightscom, Leaf, Four,
Flashlights, knives, electronics and adventure gear!
Four Leaf Flashlights.com
Wayeah Knives - tam Knives, Wayeah,
This is one of the biggest knife manufacturers in the world, as far as I know. I couldn't calculate the number of knife models offered on their website, and their output is truly astonishing. Take a look:


Unfortunately you can't buy knives directly from them...


Knives out of files - Anza Knives - tam Anza, files, Knives,
Short video but some good points from Charlie Davis, founder and owner of Anza Knives. Why does a file make a good raw material for a knife blade? See it here:



Survival Knives - NMSEagleScoutVigil Knives, Survival,
I am in the woods a lot when I am in my hometown. I go to school in a city so i am only at home for about 5 months out of the year but when I am home I frequently find myself in the woods doing any number of things.

I got a standard Kabar, just a Full Size Straight edge non-serrated US Army Fighting knife, from my ex-girlfriend two years ago for my birthday and it is by far the best knife that I have ever owned. I would carry it around all day if it weren't taboo and unnecessary haha.

I have done many tasks using this knife from cooking/eating with it and using it to cut down small trees. No matter what situation I have found myself in I have always been confident that my Kabar will be able to meet all of my needs.

I was wondering what kind of knives everyone takes with them whenever they are going into the woods.
My Very Awesome EDC's - TheKnifeGuru Flashlight, Knives,
Don't have pics yet but...

I am a knife-a-holic so don't freak out when I list a lot. lol.

Ok, on my usual day I have my
Halo chain wallet,
A Comb,
Keys with a Halo Dog Tag,
My iPhone,

My Gerber International Pocket Knife (ALWAYS with me, Right Hip behind the belt loop hidden by my belt)
Bradley Kimura Bali-son 3rd Gen (Right Coin picket, Latch Up)
Black- Lightning Double Action OTF Switchblade (Right Back Pocket, clipped)
Nextorch- MyTorch 70 Lumen Digital Flashlight (Front Left pocket)
an AZAN Tactile Pen (Front Left Pocket, Clipped)

So that's usually my EDC for everywhere.
Comments? Questions? Have the same knife?

You love your Gerber International?
Yes! lol
[EDCForums.com] The forum can now start taking Pre-Orders on Zero Tolerance knives. - bot knives, Tolerance, Zero, Pre Orders, taking, start, forum, EDCForumscom,
The forum can now start taking Pre-Orders on Zero Tolerance knives.

The forum can now start taking Pre-Orders on Zero Tolerance knives.

This would be no money collected until they are no more than 5 days out from...

http://edcforums.com/showthread.php/86171-The-forum-can-now-start-taking-Pre-Orders-on-Zero-Toleranc e-knives.?goto=newpost
[EDC Items] Zero Tolerance Knives 0550 - bot 0550, Knives, Tolerance, Zero, Items,
Zero Tolerance Knives 0550

For those interested, Zero Tolerance Knives recently released an update on the awaited 0550 model. They have been unable to obtain the steel that was originally intended to be used in the knife, Vanax 35. Zero Tolerance has instead opted to use the new CPM-S35VN, which is essentially an improved version of the popular CPM-S30V

[EDC Items] New ZT Knives & Hinderer Flipper - bot Flipper, Hinderer, Knives, Items,
New ZT Knives & Hinderer Flipper

The rumors have been confirmed! There is another collaboration between ZT Knives and custom knife maker Rick Hinderer. This time the knife will be a flipper with bearing pivots! For those not familiar with the parties, ZT Knives is owned by KAI, who also owns Kershaw Knives. ZT Knives specializes in higher-end, high quality knives

[BritishBlades] Anyone on here make kitchen knives - bot knives, kitchen, make, here, Anyone, BritishBlades,
Anyone on here make kitchen knives

I'm looking for 1 multi purpose kitch knife for cutting veg and meat, the gf insists the knives her mum gave use are fine (cheap rubbish) not looking to spend mega money but I appreciate they aren't really cheap.

Want something 4-7ish inches in length I think that would handle
Most kitchen...

http://www.britishblades.com/forums/showthread.php?130930-Anyone-on-here-make-kitchen-knives&goto=ne wpost
Cheap Martinez Albainox folding knives - edcmania knives, folding, Albainox, Martinez, Cheap,
Top secret :P
My folding knives collection - edcmania collection, knives, folding,
Hello again! Here are my folding knives (most of them cheap ones from China), another one of my hobbies apart from the flashlights:




I hope you like them! ;)
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