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The falshlight batteries can not be recharged after use once - Tibo once, after, recharged, batteries, falshlight,
I bought a probe exposed Flashlight (Q5 LED flashlight long-range flashlight). The battery is exposed exploration, 18650 lithium battery, rechargeable battery 3000mAh 3.7V Flashlight Battery. When I bought, the flashlight was very bright. With a week or so on it become some dark, so i charged. But after four hours, flahslight become darker than before. I thought the Chargers have problems, use usb charge, or charge can not go. And I found that the charger is always green. What is the reason?
Flashlight is always charged when the charge indicator is green, when I tested with a multimeter on the red lights, and when charging, i open the switch, the flashlight was very bright, just like the beginning.
Caution: batteries can be dangerous! - edcmania dangerous, batteries, Caution,
Batteries can sometimes explode, vent, caught fire and also be toxic.

Here you have an interesting thread: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?235164-Using-Li-ion-cells-in-LED-flashlights-safe ly
[Flashlight Blog] Always Have Spare Batteries - bot Batteries, Spare, Have, Always, Blog, Flashlight,
Always Have Spare Batteries

Today will be a short but important post. It's of a lesson that I've learned on a couple of occasions. I'm sure that you have read the title, so you know exactly what I'm about to write next, Always Have Spare Batteries.

It seems obvious, of course it's obvious, but it's something that can often be overlooked. But I just replaced my batteries last week, you might say to yourself, or, I won't have to use my flashlight for that long, the batteries will last.

On two recent occasions, when I needed my flashlight, the batteries have run out and I was stuck without a light. That's not a very good situation when you're in a dark place. In my situation, I thought, If I bring two flashlights, what are the chances of the batteries dying on both within a similar time?

Murphy attacked me and both flashlights went out, on two separate occasions. What are the odds? As if I couldn't have learned from my...
Which charger for NiMH AAA and AA batteries? - tam batteries, NiMH, charger, Which,
I need a 4-bed charger for NiMH AA/AAA batteries. My requirements are:

1. Not overly aggressive charge current (i.e. not quick 2hr charge); overnight charging (very low current) is not an option either,
2. Charge cutoff based on 2 or more parameters (not just peak voltage!), preferably with temperature safety feature to prevent battery overheating,
3. Individual charging in all 4 bays, with individual charge indication (not necessarily LCD display, but at least one status LED per bay),
4. Capability to charge both LSD (low-self-discharge) and regular NiMH's,
5. Capability to charge new high-capacity NiMH's (AAA1100 and AA3000),
6. Price 30 EUR tops,
7. Available in a Central Europe market.

Am I asking for too much? :icon_cheesygrin:

There is however a Sanyo Eneloop charger that meets all my requirements except the first, but I'd like to hear what you think. Any help is appreciated.


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Caution: batteries can be dangerous!, Caution: batteries can be dangerous!, Caution: batteries can be dangerous!, Caution: batteries can be dangerous!, Caution: batteries can be dangerous!, Caution: batteries can be dangerous!, Caution: batteries can be dangerous!, Caution: batteries can be dangerous!,
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