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Results : anti battery rattle
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Flashlight anti-battery-rattle device (ultra-cheapo) - tam ultra cheapo, device, anti battery rattle, Flashlight,
Dimensions of the same type of battery vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so flashlight factories often make battery tubes slightly wider than necessary, to accomodate any battery brand that you may come across. The result is an unpleasant rattle.

Here's the simple and ultra-cheap solution to this problem, which I've put to use with my 1*AAA and 1*AA Fenix flashlights.

What you need is: PET plastic beverage bottle (beer, soda, whatever) of preferably regular cyllindrical shape, scissors and (optionally) a hollow punch. Cut out a patch of plastic (as flat and even as possible), and trim it with scissors to fit around the battery. Cut out holes or recesses if you like (not really necessary, but looks smarter, hehe) and bend plastic into cylindrical shape. Place the plastic around the battery and insert together into battery tube (don't apply force or yo'ull end up with a stuck battery!)

My favourite shapes are these:

Steel wool vs. 9V battery (BBC Bang Series) - tam Series, Bang, battery, wool, Steel,
Check this out:


However it can be useful to know this technique, but I don't normally carry this kind of stuff when I head for the woods.

Also seen it on some Disc0very survival show - some guy and gal stucked in a desert in-the-middle-of-nowhere, pulled 6LR61 alkaline battery and fine steel wool from their kit to start a fire - it was plain lame :smiley_puke_ani:

In my childhood I wasn't aware of this property of steel wool - there were no Internet and Disc0very Channel (lucky my parents, hehe..) :icon_cheesygrin: :smiley_fire:


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