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[EDCForums.com] The forum can now start taking Pre-Orders on Zero Tolerance knives. - bot knives, Tolerance, Zero, Pre Orders, taking, start, forum, EDCForumscom,
The forum can now start taking Pre-Orders on Zero Tolerance knives.

The forum can now start taking Pre-Orders on Zero Tolerance knives.

This would be no money collected until they are no more than 5 days out from...

http://edcforums.com/showthread.php/86171-The-forum-can-now-start-taking-Pre-Orders-on-Zero-Toleranc e-knives.?goto=newpost
[EDC Items] Zero Tolerance Knives 0550 - bot 0550, Knives, Tolerance, Zero, Items,
Zero Tolerance Knives 0550

For those interested, Zero Tolerance Knives recently released an update on the awaited 0550 model. They have been unable to obtain the steel that was originally intended to be used in the knife, Vanax 35. Zero Tolerance has instead opted to use the new CPM-S35VN, which is essentially an improved version of the popular CPM-S30V

[E.D.C. Central Blog] Zero Tolerance 777 - bot Tolerance, Zero, Blog, Central,
Zero Tolerance 777

Zero Tolerance is going upscale! Branching out from their usual no nonsense, hard-use knives, the 777 is an upscale gentlemans knife. Woven carbon fibre scales, “herringbone” Damascus composite blade, and enough style to choke a horse, the 777 is the Rodeo Drive special of the ZT line. Expected to be released sometime next year, you’ll have plenty of time to save up for the estimated just-under $500 price tag.

[E.D.C. Central Blog] Zero Tolerance 560/561 - bot 560561, Tolerance, Zero, Blog, Central,
Zero Tolerance 560/561

Start saving your pennies! Expected to be released sometime towards the end of the year, Zero Tolerance has once again collaborated with Rick Hinderer to bring us the 560/561. With a 3.75″ stonewashed Elmax blade, beautifully machined G10 scale and Titanium framelock, Rick Hinderer design and the tight tolerances and quality ZT Knives is known for, the 560/561 is going to be one of the must have knives of the year. If you’ve always wanted a Hinderer but couldn’t afford an original or weren’t lucky enough to find one in ...

[Every Day Commentary] Zero Tolerance ZT350 Review - bot Review, ZT350, Tolerance, Zero, Commentary, Every,
Zero Tolerance ZT350 Review

In the late 90s, early 00s a few of the foreign car makers produced massive quantities of well made, utilitarian, and cheap cars. Toyota had the Camry and the Corolla, Subaru had the Outback, Mitsubishi had um...some car with a name that is a synonym of brave, fast, or strong, and Mazda was pumping out the 323, 626 series. But hidden in and amongst these econo cars were roaring, thunderous beasts. Toyota had the MR2, Subaru the WRX, Mitsubishi the Lancer EVO, and Mazda the rotary engine RX-7. Each of these cars were amazing performance machines made by companies that seemed to stamp out decent products by the thousands. These cars sliced profit margins in to itty bitty shreds in the name of gut churning, tire melting performance.

For me, Zero Tolerance knives are the WRX, EVO of the Kershaw line. Kershaw makes great knives, cheap, well made, and utilitarian in design. A few will catch your eye, but by in large they are small, medium,...
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