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Results : Swiss Army Knife
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Wenger Evolution ST 10 mini review - tam ST 10, Swiss Army Knife, review, Evolution, Wenger,
Recent post from my blog (everyone's welcome), a mini review of Wenger Evolution ST 10 Swiss Army knife:



Knife making Work In Progress - WIP - lightknot Progress, Work, making, Knife,
I am currently making a knife out of a truck suspension leaf spring. I will post a picture when it is completed.
Dog tag knife - wheetree knife,
I had a dogtag knife that was great for a backup. These are engravable so look like any other decorative dogtag. A black rubber silencer protects the cutting edge. These are not for routine use, but are handy when you've misplaced your regular knife.
Selling my knife collection - TheKnifeGuru collection, knife, Selling,
Top secret :P
[BritishBlades] can any one vouch for this kurki knife? - bot knife, kurki, this, vouch, BritishBlades,
can any one vouch for this kurki knife?

hey lads
iv been after a kurki knife for years, and i dont want a crap one.
are theise ones made by the proper guys?
take care matt


http://www.britishblades.com/forums/showthread.php?130946-can-any-one-vouch-for-this-kurki-knife&got o=newpost
[E.D.C. Central Blog] Want a Custom Knife GAW… - bot GAW…, Knife, Custom, Want, Blog, Central,
Want a Custom Knife GAW…

Would you like a custom knife? Who wouldn’t??!! We are having a Giveaway on the Forum for a custom knife. This is just one of the many benefits of being a registered member. Stop by and say hello.


[Willow Haven Outdoor] The Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife - bot Knife, Survival, Bushcraft, Morakniv, Outdoor, Haven, Willow,
The Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard, Mora of Sweden has introduced a very cool knife designed with features specifically for all of us survival bushcrafter types.  It’s called the Bushcraft Survival Knife.  There must be more of us out there than we think! When you think of a Mora knife, you typically

http://willowhavenoutdoor.com/featured-wilderness-survival-blog-entries/the-morakniv-bushcraft-sur vival-knife/
[Multitool.org] Re: 5th Anniversary Give-Away Aussie Army SwissTool - bot SwissTool, Army, Aussie, Give Away, Anniversary, Multitoolorg,
Re: 5th Anniversary Give-Away Aussie Army SwissTool

007 - Ombudsman
013 - Kirk13
017 - Reinier
025 - Sazabi
060 - cerbera147
070 - Threeme2189
102 - Grateful
108 - yud
123 - Nikos
137 - El Rago
160 - Chako
164- ZED
169 - parmenides
188 - 82brutus
193 - Vladimir
211 - Makaveli
221 - JoeBW
224 - Top-Gear-...

[Gear Reviews Blog] Lansky Knife Sharpeners - bot Sharpeners, Knife, Lansky, Blog, Reviews, Gear,
Lansky Knife Sharpeners

We took a quick look at three Lansky Sharpeners; Crock Stick, Quick Fix, Folding Diamond Rat Tail and how they are used. This was filmed at the 2009 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Phoenix, Arizona http://gear-reviews.net/Articles.php?action=detail&g=content1246687827border=0

[The Zombie Blog] Army of Darkness: Obama Version - bot Version, Obama, Darkness, Army, Blog, Zombie,
Army of Darkness: Obama Version

Not much to say except: This. Actually. Exists.
[Gear Reviews Blog] Dave Winterling Named Director of Manufacturing for Benchmade Knife Company - bot Company, Knife, Benchmade, Manufacturing, Director, Named, Winterling, Dave, Blog, Reviews, Gear,
Dave Winterling Named Director of Manufacturing for Benchmade Knife Company

Dave Winterling Named Director of Manufacturing for Benchmade Knife Company Extensive Experience and Leadership Strengthens Senior Management Team October 23, 2009, Oregon City, Ore.–Benchmade Knife Company is proud to announce Dave Winterling as the new Director of Manufacturing. He will be responsible for all manufacturing operations at the Oregon City plant. Mr. Winterling brings twenty-four border=0

http://gearreviews.wordpress.com/2009/10/24/dave-winterling-named-director-of-manufacturing-for-benc hmade-knife-company/
[EDC Blog] Choosing an EDC Knife - bot Knife, Choosing, Blog,
Choosing an EDC Knife

Today, I'm going to be writing about an important and relevant topic, the topic being Choosing a knife for every day carry (EDC).

An EDC knife should be light, easy to carry and functional for the broadest possible kinds of situations that you may encounter throughout the day. Let's list some of the possible situations that you may encounter; situations that would benefit from the use of a knife.

Some things you may use an EDC knife for: 
A larger EDC knife, such as this CRKT M16 SFG has a lot of...
Posting competition: Free Sanrenmu 710 folding knife! ;) - edcmania knife, folding, Sanrenmu, Free, competition, Posting,
What about a totally free and new Sanrenmu 710 folding knife shipped to your home without any cost at all? :)

I run this competition in order to encourage all users to participate more, posting more messages and creating new content in EDC Mania forums.

Here you can see some links with reviews, comments, pictures and videos talking about this folding knife (they are not made by me, it's just for information):









My EDC knife - Langcjl knife,
For my EDC knife I carry a Sanrenmu 909. Now that thats out of the way, I want to get rid of the newbie tag. I think the first 100 people should not have to suffer the indignity.
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