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[Ruger Forum] Fantastic shooting ear muffs - bot muffs, shooting, Fantastic, Forum, Ruger,
Fantastic shooting ear muffs

These shooting ear muffs are pricy, no doubt of that. But I cannot tell you what a pleasure these are to use! You get what you pay for, as usual. ...

[RKBArms Blog] Shooting Terms - bot Terms, Shooting, Blog, RKBArms,
Shooting Terms

Controlled pair - 2 shots with a sight picture for each shot. BAM....BAM
Double tap - 2 shots with a sight picture for each shot. The shooter acquires the front sight and places on target before firing the second shot. BAM BAM
Hammer - 2 shots with one sight picture. This requires muscle memory for the gun to return to the same aiming point. BA-BAM