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[RKBArms Blog] Picatinny vs. Weaver Rails - bot Rails, Weaver, Picatinny, Blog, RKBArms,
Picatinny vs. Weaver Rails

Picatinny and Weaver rails are two common platform rails on firearms for mounting accessories. These rails make it possible to mount tactical lights, laser sights, and scopes to your weapon. Both look similar, having a series of ridges with spacing slots between the ridges. The difference between the two is the width of the spacing slots. Picatinny rails have a slot width of 0.206 while Weaver rails have a slot width of 0.180.

[RKBArms Blog] Glock 26 Review - bot Review, Glock, Blog, RKBArms,
Glock 26 Review

There are plenty reviews of the 3rd generation Glock 26 so I just want to highlight some points that impressed me after reviewing the gun. If you are in the market for a 9mm/40S&W sub compact, I would narrow it down to either the Glock 26/27 or Springfield Armory's XD.

The Finish
Glock uses a Tenifer process to the slide before it's Parkerized. Tenifer protects the slide from corrosion, it's 99.9% salt water corrosion resistant. Looking closely at it, the finish is really nice. After...
[RKBArms Blog] External Safety Features - bot Features, Safety, External, Blog, RKBArms,
External Safety Features

Some gun manufacturers are attempting to integrate biometrics as a new safety mechanism. Only the gun's intended user will be able to fire it. But will that make a gun safe? The truth is there is only one real safety and it's not a feature on your gun...your finger. If you read a Glock manual, the trigger is the manual safety. When the trigger is forward and not depressed, safety engaged. When the trigger is pulled back, safety disengaged. That's obvious almost to the point of being insulting but Glock is right. Your trigger finger is the gun safety.

How a Gun Fires
In order for a gun to fire a cartridge, the firing pin or striker must hit the cartridge's primer with enough force to ignite it. In short, the gun powder burns creating rapidly expanding gas that will force the bullet out of the cartridge and propel through...
[RKBArms Blog] Springfield XD 9mm Service Model Review - bot Review, Model, Service, Springfield, Blog, RKBArms,
Springfield XD 9mm Service Model Review

This is the XD 4 Service model chambered in 9mm Parabellum. It's too big for an EDC gun but it can be the occasional carry gun with the right holster. My primary use for the XD is for competition and home defense. I've fired approximately 700 rounds of various ammunition brands and only had malfunctions during the first couple hundred rounds. Most were stovepipes but a few times the slide did lock back after the last round was fired. This problem only happened using Tulammo which I no longer use. There is definitely a break-in...
[RKBArms Blog] Galco M7X Matrix Holster - bot Holster, Matrix, Galco, Blog, RKBArms,
Galco M7X Matrix Holster

I ordered the M7X Matrix Holster from Galco for my Springfield XD9 Service Model....
[RKBArms Blog] Bersa Thunder 380 Duo-Tone Review - bot Review, Duo Tone, Thunder, Bersa, Blog, RKBArms,
Bersa Thunder 380 Duo-Tone Review

I picked up a Bersa Thunder 380 DuoTone in October. It's a fun gun and I see why Bersa owners love this gun. Here is my review:

This isn't a pocket gun like the Kel Tec P-3AT but it's definitely a gun small enough to carry concealed. It's all metal frame makes it on the heavy side weighing 24 oz with magazine unloaded. It has a 3.5 barrel and is 1.3 thick. There is little recoil. Shooting tight groups is easy and fun.

There are so many safety features on this gun: integral safety...
[RKBArms Blog] Smith & Wesson 908S Review - bot Review, 908S, Wesson, Smith, Blog, RKBArms,
Smith & Wesson 908S Review

The Smith & Wesson 908/908S (103890) is a third generation semi-auto pistol. It's also known as the economy version of the 3913/3914. It's a single stack 9mm with a capacity of 8+1. No longer in production since around 2000, I had to do some hunting online before I got my hands on a 908 stainless. I found one through GunsAmerica.com for $275 that was practically brand new. Because the 908 has been out of production for 10 years now, it's very hard to find one factory new but Bud's Gun Shop did have the blued for $499.

The Gun
The 908 has an all metal alloy frame. It's a respectable sized compact,...
[RKBArms Blog] Shooting Terms - bot Terms, Shooting, Blog, RKBArms,
Shooting Terms

Controlled pair - 2 shots with a sight picture for each shot. BAM....BAM
Double tap - 2 shots with a sight picture for each shot. The shooter acquires the front sight and places on target before firing the second shot. BAM BAM
Hammer - 2 shots with one sight picture. This requires muscle memory for the gun to return to the same aiming point. BA-BAM

[RKBArms Blog] Trigger Control Practice - bot Practice, Control, Trigger, Blog, RKBArms,
Trigger Control Practice

Everyone needs practice whether you are an expert marksman or casual plinker. An important part to handgun defense is readiness. Home is a great place to practice drawing from concealment and trigger control.

Remember rule #1 for gun safety, Treat all guns as loaded. Remove all live ammo from your practice area.
A-Zoom Snap Caps

Snap caps are fake rounds that you use when practicing dry firing to protect the firing pin. You can practice squeezing the trigger over and over again. There are a couple different brands but A-Zoom is undoubtedly the best...
[RKBArms Blog] Tactical vs Emergency Reload - bot Reload, Emergency, Tactical, Blog, RKBArms,
Tactical vs Emergency Reload

S&W 908S
The two important factors in reloading are speed and ammo management. You have to practice reloading to gain speed, it's about muscle memory. Ammo management requires the operator to determine the best time to reload in a gunfight.

Both tactical and emergency reloads require the operator to have at least two magazines.
[RKBArms Blog] Mozambique Drill - bot Drill, Mozambique, Blog, RKBArms,
Mozambique Drill

A Mozambique drill is incorporating head shots into your practice drill. Correctly placed center mass shots are right under the breast plate. If center mass shots don't stop the threat, a head shot will be your only option.

A head shot in a defensive situation is a shot to a human target's face. It's not a pleasant thought, no one wants to look at someone's facial features destroyed right before your eyes. It's not something you want to think for the first time when in a life or death situation so practice it. Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Example Mozambique Drill
Using a single silhouette target placed at 3 to 7 yards:
       1.  Controlled pair center mass + pause* + head shot
       2.  Controlled pair center mass + head shot
       3.  Dedicated pair (double tap) center mass + pause* + head shot
       4.  Dedicated pair center mass + head shot (sometimes...
[RKBArms Blog] .38 Snub - Perfect Everyday Carry Gun? - bot Carry, Everyday, Perfect, Snub, Blog, RKBArms,
.38 Snub - Perfect Everyday Carry Gun?

642 in a kydex pocket holster
Practically any handgun can be an EDC (everyday carry gun). Some people carry a full sized 1911 and others carry a .25 mouse gun. For some, it's about concealment and for...
[RKBArms Blog] El Presidente Drill - bot Drill, Presidente, Blog, RKBArms,
El Presidente Drill

This drill was developed by Jeff Cooper, the father of modern handgun technique.

The Setup
   3 silhouettes placed at distance of 30 feet, separated 3 feet apart
   2 magazine loaded with 6 rounds each.

The Drill
Shooter begins with magazine loaded in weapon and holstered, faced away from target with hands clasped in front of forehead. 

   1. Shooter must draw weapon
   2. Fire 2 rounds at each target
   3. Reload
   4. Fire 2 rounds at each target
   5. Reholster

[RKBArms Blog] Watching the Eyes for Truthfulness - bot Truthfulness, Eyes, Watching, Blog, RKBArms,
Watching the Eyes for Truthfulness

This is quite interesting http://www.blifaloo.com/info/lies_eyes.php

I've noticed people do look up and to the left when they are explaining something creative sounding.

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