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Nitecore EC2 With Crenelations Removed - tam Removed, Crenelations, Nitecore,
To hell with ordinary! I've just removed the ugly, pointless crenelations off the bezel of my new Nitecore Explorer EC2. I guess there goes my 1-year warranty. You only live once (not twice, as they said in the old JB movie title)...

You don't need any power tools to perform this mod, just a plain metal file, few patches of carbide paper (e.g. 100, 280, 600, 1500), some polishing paste and a cotton cloth.

Cover the lens and the upper part of the flashlight with a few layers of adhesive paper tape (masking tape) and give it a go. The resulting rounded, shiny polished surface is more aesthetically appealing and more pocket-friendly, at least IMO.

Please note that any modification performed on a flashlight will most probably void your warranty!


Nitecore Explorer EC2 - Mini Review - tam Review, Mini, Explorer, Nitecore,
For some time I've been waiting to get my hands on this innovative piece of Chinese flashlight engineering - a member of Nitecore's Explorer family of EDC lights.

Size of EC2 is really minuscule, its full length is just 99mm (for comparison, 18650 battery length is 65mm!) which makes it one of the smallest in-line 1x18650 flashlights ever made. Diameter of the flashlight is 1in (25.4mm). It uses one 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery or two CR123A lithium primaries with approximately same output (thanks to good regulation).

Explorer Series flashlights are aimed at adventuring, outdoor type of user, hence they all have formidable throw for reflectored lights of their diameter (EC2's peak beam intensity is 5,650 candela, which equals to 150m of throw according to ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standard). Emitter used is Cree's XP-G R5, which delivers some 320lm (an independent test shows even more!) when fully powered up in...
Nitecore Explorer (EC, EA) series EDC flashlights - UPDATED - tam UPDATED, flashlights, series, Explorer, Nitecore,
Sysmax Industry (owner of both Jetbeam and Nitecore flashlight brands) had put on display these prototypes of compact EDC flashlights during a trade fair in early 2011.

Their exterior design vaguely resembles Zebralight SC series, but they have two soft (i.e. electronic) side switches - one presumably for switching on/off and the other for mode change. Battery tube shape and dimensions denote the probable types of battery format: 1xAA, 1xCR123 and 2xCR123 (or possibly 1x18650).

Inscriptions on displayed flashlights said DS1, ES1, ES2, but neither official announcement nor specifications were issued. Later in 2011, upon enquiry by a CPF member, Sysmax even claimed not being connected to these prototypes in any way (!)

Newest insider information say that these flashlights are finally entering production and will be released in March 2012.


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