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[Multitool.org] The Great Beer Thread. - bot Thread, Beer, Great, Multitoolorg,
The Great Beer Thread.

Droool gareth that look tasty I'm a huge ipa lover.  This a red ale my fav de koninck. I'll start posting some more local brews. Does anybody here know  of " erdinger" ?

[Multitool.org] Re: Arborman - Green Thumb mod of a Wave. - bot Wave, Thumb, Green, Arborman, Multitoolorg,
Re: Arborman - Green Thumb mod of a Wave.

Parts have been ordered.

I also ordered a couple of SAK knock offs to transplant the scissors into the Arborman for fine clipping work.

Again, this is all contingent that the clipper heads fit into the Wave.

[Multitool.org] Re: Skeletool owners club - bot club, owners, Skeletool, Multitoolorg,
Re: Skeletool owners club

It's not that it's a bad tool, I just haven't managed to click with it.  I find it quite large for what you get; blade, screwdrivers, pliers and bottle opener.  Of those features I don't find it particularly comfortable as a screwdriver (plus the bit h...

[Multitool.org] Re: Whats to fat for a Keychain Sak? (84/85/91/93mm) - bot 84859193mm, Keychain, Whats, Multitoolorg,
Re: Whats to fat for a Keychain Sak? (84/85/91/93mm)

I have an Executive on my keys, definitely not too big. Haven't even tried one of my 91mm's on the keyring, I think it would just be too awkward.

[Multitool.org] Re: Leather back quiver. - bot quiver, back, Leather, Multitoolorg,
Re: Leather back quiver.

I'm pretty sure there's a Tandy over here ..  :think:

[Multitool.org] Re: Reunited with my lost surge! - bot surge, lost, with, Reunited, Multitoolorg,
Re: Reunited with my lost surge!

Those Camo Surges are not very common either  8) 8) 8).
I bet that made your day mate  :D :D :D.

[Multitool.org] Re: FS/FT: Leatherman C33T, Vic Tinker - bot Tinker, C33T, Leatherman, FSFT, Multitoolorg,
Re: FS/FT: Leatherman C33T, Vic Tinker

Tinker sold at edcforums.

[Multitool.org] Re: Look What's Coming in September - bot September, Coming, Whats, Look, Multitoolorg,
Re: Look What's Coming in September

I see that the Promotional Items part of the LM store is already starting to grow (at least a little):

Leatherman Promotional Items

[Multitool.org] Re: Show off your Sak mod's! - bot mods, your, Show, Multitoolorg,
Re: Show off your Sak mod's!

g10 and black fiber hunstman, it feels really sturdy now  :)


[Multitool.org] Re: MP400 differences - bot differences, MP400, Multitoolorg,
Re: MP400 differences

Not exactly a factory variation that your lookin for but here is a recent project of mine.   Which i...

[Multitool.org] A Little eBay MT Pricing Humor - bot Humor, Pricing, eBay, Little, Multitoolorg,
A Little eBay MT Pricing Humor



[Multitool.org] Re: Everything Must Go: LM, Vic, 5.11, ESEE, and more - bot more, ESEE, Must, Everything, Multitoolorg,
Re: Everything Must Go: LM, Vic, 5.11, ESEE, and more

Is SuperTool and bit adapter still available? if they are I will take them for price listed. let me know at  Rbutch82@dishmail.net

[Multitool.org] Re: 5th Anniversary Give-Away Aussie Army SwissTool - bot SwissTool, Army, Aussie, Give Away, Anniversary, Multitoolorg,
Re: 5th Anniversary Give-Away Aussie Army SwissTool

007 - Ombudsman
013 - Kirk13
017 - Reinier
025 - Sazabi
060 - cerbera147
070 - Threeme2189
102 - Grateful
108 - yud
123 - Nikos
137 - El Rago
160 - Chako
164- ZED
169 - parmenides
188 - 82brutus
193 - Vladimir
211 - Makaveli
221 - JoeBW
224 - Top-Gear-...

[Multitool.org] Re: Win7 desktop problem - bot problem, desktop, Win7, Multitoolorg,
Re: Win7 desktop problem

Ok, stupid question, but under Device Manager, under what label may I find the motherboard?  :/

[Multitool.org] Re: It's Smurfin HOT! - bot Smurfin, Multitoolorg,
Re: It's Smurfin HOT!

Well there was a steady wind of 10mph (16kph) today, and while there isn't much circulation in my corner of the shop, it really helped break the humidity.
Making the day barley tolerable, instead of "Why am I in hell?"

Tonight it's going down to...

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