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[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] Tight budget Firearm Decisions - bot Decisions, Firearm, budget, Tight, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
Tight budget Firearm Decisions

I really, really enjoy reading your website. Thank you so much for sharing your practical experiences with anyone who desires to learn. I have a question regarding my personal situation. I’m 30, I recently graduated from college and have been unable to get a job. I have a lot of student loans to pay back,

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] Review: Glock 17 gen4 - bot gen4, Glock, Review, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
Review: Glock 17 gen4

Hi guys, this is my review on the Glock 17 gen 4. http://youtu.be/RoxxRiQRwGo   Not many changes, but most of the ones made are indeed an improvement. The improvements are: 1) New and improved recoil spring. 2) Smaller grip size with a different texture and two extra adapters. 3) Less reflective Tennifer finish 4) Larger

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] The next 72hs: What last minute preps to take? - bot take, preps, minute, last, What, 72hs, next, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
The next 72hs: What last minute preps to take?

Lets say the US economy crashes in a day. What kind of specific things should we expect in the first 72 hours? How can we best stay safe and out of harms way? What quick last minute preps should someone who has followed your advice for years now take? Thanks! Burt Hi Burt, The worst

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] People “Flee to Larger Cities” for Security - bot Security, Cities”, Larger, “Flee, People, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
People “Flee to Larger Cities” for Security

(Thanks to Russell1200 for the heads up) Preparedness popular folklore says refugees will abandon the larger cities which will be burned to the ground, seeking shelter in the smaller, safer communities. While that’s what most people believe, it’s not always the case. The article below is yet another example of how fiction and wishful thinking

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] Networking to Survive Disasters? - bot Disasters, Survive, Networking, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
Networking to Survive Disasters?

This NPR article on research about disasters struck me as similar to the message you often carry on your site. http://www.npr.org/2011/07/04/137526401/the-key-to-disaster-survival-friends-and-neighbors It seems like a good reason to be open to “joining” in the community. For some reason I am reminded of HAM radio operators and the community (of preparedness) they tend to foster. We

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] Fighting in and Around Vehicles - bot Vehicles, Around, Fighting, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
Fighting in and Around Vehicles

Yesterday I took the last of the two-day class,  “Fighting in and Around Vehicles” offered by Jorge Biagorria. As always the classes are top-notch and I’m glad to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn more about defensive shooting. While there are many good instructors around the world, it is a rare opportunity to

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] Does it make sense to carry a pocket gun? - bot pocket, carry, sense, make, Does, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
Does it make sense to carry a pocket gun?

  I want the opinion of you guys for this awesome idea I have. A conceal carry gun. Wait, I know the market is saturated but bear with me for a second. It’s a tiny auto, chambered in .32 (there will be an even smaller version in .25 ACP at some point, best of all

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] What would it be like if the United States goes into default? - bot default, into, goes, States, United, like, would, What, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
What would it be like if the United States goes into default?

  In case you haven’t kept up with the latest news, there’s been a lot of talk about such a possibility these last few weeks. It’s almost as if they are testing the waters, seeing the people’s reaction, but most of all making sure they are completely terrified of such a possibility so as to

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] Your Pal during the Recession: The Pressure Cooker and other reflections. - bot reflections, other, Cooker, Pressure, Recession, during, Your, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
Your Pal during the Recession: The Pressure Cooker and other reflections.

  The economic crisis brought countless different lifestyle changes when our own economy collapsed. It changes every aspect of how you get by, socially, culturally, economically and on daily life in general. The way we process food is a good example and this topic is something that I believe most of you will find interesting.

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] Crime on the Rise: Three simple Tips to keep in Mind - bot Mind, keep, Tips, simple, Three, Rise, Crime, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
Crime on the Rise: Three simple Tips to keep in Mind

Just an FYI, locally, Topeka KS, we are starting to see the same kind of robberies you wrote about some time ago. The bad guys are following the victims home and jacking them in their driveway, or as they try to go to the front door.  A recent case had the bad guy actually run

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] Victorinox Secure USB Flash Drive - bot Drive, Flash, Secure, Victorinox, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
Victorinox Secure USB Flash Drive

FerFal, I though you might be interested in the latest Swiss Army Knife. It contains a secure thumb drive. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2388761,00.asp Dave   Thanks Dave, Victorinox knives come in so handy that they have rightfully earned a place in our pockets. I never stop recommending the Midnight Minichamp which is one of the most useful, if

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] 5 Tips to avoid becoming a Victim as Crime gets Worse - bot Worse, gets, Crime, Victim, becoming, avoid, Tips, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
5 Tips to avoid becoming a Victim as Crime gets Worse

  As I was finishing with this article my wife comes in and tells me someone tried to mug her. At around 4 PM today she dropped my son by a friend´s house and since it was just a couple blocks away she walked back. A car pulls next to her and a guy with

[The Modern Survivalist - Blog] Interesting Times Magazine - bot Magazine, Times, Interesting, Blog, Survivalist, Modern,
Interesting Times Magazine

http://interestingtimesmagazine.com/download.html Hey Fer, I saw someone using you name. Thought u want to know. DaShui   Hi DaShui, that’s an article that I wrote about clothing and gear modifications (issue #07) for A.H.A., editor of “Interesting Times” Magazine over at Sweden. Hard to explain, but it’s a self-help/survival/lifestyle magazine with a cyberpunk approach. A.H.A. is

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