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Jetbeam PA40W (neutral white) - first impressions - tam impressions, first, white, neutral, PA40W, Jetbeam,
I've finally picked up my long-awaited PA40W (5000K neutral white version) at my local distributor's.

After a few days of use I must say that I like it very much. The first thing you notice is excellent build quality, which has always been Jetbeam's standard. When lit, PA40's floody beam (max. 468lm ANSI) lights up the entire field at night and gives excellent colour rendering, which is good news if you intend to use it outdoors (esp. useful in the woods). Lower modes are great for indoor use, and the lowest setting offers almost unbelievable 150 hours of regulated light (according to specs), while still using the globally available AA battery format.

Forward clicky switch allows momentary on and mode change without hard-clicking - very nice features IMO. UI is intuitive and practical for everyday use although it may take a little practice for hardcore tactical users, hehe... There are no strobes or signal modes, but there's a last-used-mode memory which basically allows you to set which mode comes on first.
JetBeam PA01 diffused with translucent film - tam film, translucent, with, diffused, PA01, JetBeam,
One easy (and fully reversible) flashlight mod: JetBeam PA01 with a patch of self-adhesive translucent (frosted) film, which is attached in the front of the lens.


Beam is now near-perfect hotspot which melts into the surrounding diffuse flood. Great for close-range lighting and easy on the eyes, even in 140lm High mode!

NOTE 1: Digital camera with strong JPEG compression creates odd rings on the photo, that don't exist in reality!


The film itself is from a German manufacturer d-c-fix. It's available over here in various textures, usually at paper stationery and DIY shops. My film has a NS-808 marking on the back.

NOTE 2: If you attach this film directly on the lens, there is no flood effect! I don't know why, I've tried that in the first place and was disappointed...
Jetbeam PA40 Officially Released - tam Released, Officially, PA40, Jetbeam,
I don't know if you're familiar with Jetbeam brand. Until recently they were deep into tactical market (hi-tech duty LED lights for LEOs and military, weapon lights for hunting, SAR lights etc.) but they're entering general EDC market after being acquired by Sysmax (the same company that owns Nitecore).

Their newly released model from the Performance Series, the PA40 (check it out here) is a XM-L T6, 4*AA, 450+ lumen carbon fibre composite-bodied light, in appearance very similar to Fenix LD40, advertised as an outdoor EDC.

I am awaiting more beamshots and a serious review/comparison (and hopefully PA40 Neutral White!) before I order it from a local distributor. Price tag is currently around US$70 - fair enough if this light really delivers what is promised.

I currently own their PA01 (1*AA, 140lm pocketable EDC), and AA (R6) is my preferable battery...
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