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Vehicle Every Day Carry Items - tam Items, Carry, Every, Vehicle,
An article by a former former USAF SERE instructor, covering the topic of vehicle EDC (tools/equipment, supplies and spare parts):

--- Vehicle Every Day Carry Items ---

This might be very useful if you venture in remote and unpopulated areas.


[EDC Items] Lifesaver Bottle Review - bot Review, Bottle, Lifesaver, Items,
Lifesaver Bottle Review

No, we aren't talking about bottle modeled after the candy. The Lifesaver bottle was developed by a British company as a water bottle with a built-in filtering system. Having the filter made into the bottle negates having to carry around a separate filter. When looking for water filtration systems, you have to read the fine

[EDC Items] Fenix TK40 Flashlight - bot Flashlight, TK40, Fenix, Items,
Fenix TK40 Flashlight

Sometimes you just need more light. For those occasions, Fenix makes the TK40. Packing a whopping maximum of 630 advertised lumens, the TK40 is best described as portable sunshine. While the advertised output was probably overestimated as usual, the actual output is still staggering. The TK40 uses eight AA batteries to power the Cree LED

[EDC Items] Pocket Urban Survival Kit - bot Survival, Urban, Pocket, Items,
Pocket Urban Survival Kit

In a previous post, titled Everyday Carry Urban Survival Kit, I discussed some gear to consider carrying in preparation of urban survival scenarios. The purpose of the post was simply to give the reader some ideas to consider, not to be a definitive list. Most, if not all, of the items are tools that are

[EDC Items] Bushnell Backtrack Point 5 - bot Point, Backtrack, Bushnell, Items,
Bushnell Backtrack Point 5

At the 2011 Shot Show in Las Vegas, Bushnell debuted a new generation of their popular Backtrack personal GPS devices. The Point 5 is the third generation in the Backtrack series. The Backtrack series has always been intended to be a stupidly simple GPS device to help the user return to a flagged waypoint. Earlier

[EDC Items] Zero Tolerance Knives 0550 - bot 0550, Knives, Tolerance, Zero, Items,
Zero Tolerance Knives 0550

For those interested, Zero Tolerance Knives recently released an update on the awaited 0550 model. They have been unable to obtain the steel that was originally intended to be used in the knife, Vanax 35. Zero Tolerance has instead opted to use the new CPM-S35VN, which is essentially an improved version of the popular CPM-S30V

[EDC Items] Suunto Core Outdoor Watch - bot Watch, Outdoor, Core, Suunto, Items,
Suunto Core Outdoor Watch

Question: I am looking to purchase a Suunto watch to wear during outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing. Looking online, there are many different models and I am confused over which ones to look at. Any help is appreciated. Mike from Salt Lake City. Answer: I am planning to do some reviews

[EDC Items] New ZT Knives & Hinderer Flipper - bot Flipper, Hinderer, Knives, Items,
New ZT Knives & Hinderer Flipper

The rumors have been confirmed! There is another collaboration between ZT Knives and custom knife maker Rick Hinderer. This time the knife will be a flipper with bearing pivots! For those not familiar with the parties, ZT Knives is owned by KAI, who also owns Kershaw Knives. ZT Knives specializes in higher-end, high quality knives

[EDC Items] Selecting and Wearing the Best Ankle Holster - bot Holster, Ankle, Best, Wearing, Selecting, Items,
Selecting and Wearing the Best Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters are a common method of carrying a pistol. They're called ankle holsters because they physically carry the weapon around the ankle, some also referred to them as concealment holsters. Let's examine the nuances of ankle carry as well as the most popular models of holsters on the market. Ankle Holsters: The Positives Ankle

[EDC Items] Flashlight Belt Wear - bot Wear, Belt, Flashlight, Items,
Flashlight Belt Wear

Question: I'm a handyman by trade and am looking for a small flashlight to wear on my belt to work everyday. The nature of the jobs I work necessitate easy access with one hand. What are my options for an affordable flashlight to wear on my belt? Thomas from Baltimore. Answer: There are many options

[EDC Items] Your Favorite EDC Items - bot Items, Favorite, Your,
Your Favorite EDC Items

The purpose of this post is to elicit some help from readers. I'm curious what others people's favorite everyday carry items are. It could be anything from a specialized tool to an Ipad! Send me an email or comment below and let me know. Also be sure to include the country where you are located.

[Willow Haven Outdoor] Vehicle Every Day Carry Items (VEDC) - bot VEDC, Items, Carry, Every, Vehicle, Outdoor, Haven, Willow,
Vehicle Every Day Carry Items (VEDC)

This is a guest post by JJ Johnson (JJSERE1). JJ is a former USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Instructor and currently runs his own survival blog which can be seen here: http://www.realitysurvival.com.  He also has a YouTube Channel with several survival/self-reliance related videos which can be found here: http://www.YouTube.Com/user/RealitySurvival Most people in America

http://willowhavenoutdoor.com/featured-wilderness-survival-blog-entries/vehicle-every-day-carry-item s-vedc/
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