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Gerber Shard - Mercury Shard, Gerber,
Gerber is not my favorite company, but they do have some interesting designs. One of their more interesting ventures(IMO at least) is the Shard. In a market that is flooded with really expensive tools, the shard is a breath of fresh air. It's about $7.95 USD depending on where you look. Multitool.org has a laser etched version, that's the one I own. My one problem with the shard is the pointed end of the phillips. I guess it's actually more of a problem with the location of the only hole on the tool. Since it is a one piece tool, it stands to reason that it should be carried on keychain right? Well if you put this tool on your keys, the phillips end sticks into the center of the ring and if you're like me, that's annoying. My simple solution was to grind the phillips off. It didn't really work that well any way. Now I have a wonderful little pry bar/scraper that fits on my keys well. It comes and goes, but all in all I like it.

This image belongs to Tim(felinevet) over at EDCsource.
[The Gear Journal] Gerber Steady - bot Steady, Gerber, Journal, Gear,
Gerber Steady

With all of the multi-tools on the market, it’s pretty incredible that not a one includes something for camera dorks. Gerber will be changing that in 2012 with the Steady. Essentially, the Gerber Steady is your basic multi-tool with one exception – two legs hinge out to form a mini tripod. Word on the street

[MultiToolBLOG] Gerber Legend 800 - bot Legend, Gerber, MultiToolBLOG,
Gerber Legend 800

[The Gear Journal] Gerber Mini Covert Auto - bot Auto, Covert, Mini, Gerber, Journal, Gear,
Gerber Mini Covert Auto

This is a relatively new release from Gerber that I just heard about today. It’s a mini auto for around $100. You can’t beat that with a stick… The blade is a hair under 3-inches and when closed the whole shit-and-kabang is under 4. Details here.

[EDC Blog] Review - Gerber Artifact Keychain Multi-Tool - bot Multi Tool, Keychain, Artifact, Gerber, Review, Blog,
Review - Gerber Artifact Keychain Multi-Tool

People usually put trinkets or knick-knacks on their keychains for sentimental value. Personally, I do not understand that. I mean, if you are going to carry something around with you everywhere, why not carry something useful? All those trinkets add up and can end up being pretty heavy. I've seen people's keychains be so big and bulky that it becomes hard to carry them.

For a person with a preparedness mindset, the objects carried on one's person should be carefully chosen, since we, as human beings, can only comfortably carry a limited weight. We ought to make the most of the weight that we choose to carry.

Today, I'd like to review a tool that would actually be useful hanging off of your keychain. It's multi-tool but unlike most multi-tools, it's very small and light.
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