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New to Forum - WELIGHT Forum,
Hi I am Welight from Cutter Electronics in Australia
www dot cutter dot com dot au

We support all things LED
[EDCM@Twitter] edcmania: [EDCForums.com] The f at http://edcmania.com/forum/Thread-EDCForums-com-The-forum-can-now-star - bot httpedcmaniacomforumThread EDCForums com The forum can now star, EDCForumscom, edcmania, EDCMTwitter,
edcmania: The f at http://edcmania.com/forum/Thread-EDCForums-com-The-forum-can-now-start-taking-P

edcmania: The f at http://edcmania.com/forum/Thread-EDCForums-com-The-forum-can-now-start-taking-Pre-Orders-on-Zero-Tol erance-knives.

[EDCForums.com] The forum can now start taking Pre-Orders on Zero Tolerance knives. - bot knives, Tolerance, Zero, Pre Orders, taking, start, forum, EDCForumscom,
The forum can now start taking Pre-Orders on Zero Tolerance knives.

The forum can now start taking Pre-Orders on Zero Tolerance knives.

This would be no money collected until they are no more than 5 days out from...

http://edcforums.com/showthread.php/86171-The-forum-can-now-start-taking-Pre-Orders-on-Zero-Toleranc e-knives.?goto=newpost
[Ruger Forum] SR1911 Detailed Inspection (novice) - bot novice, Inspection, Detailed, SR1911, Forum, Ruger,
SR1911 Detailed Inspection (novice)

OK, I did a field strip, inspection and reassemble this morning and this is what I found. Please bear in mind that this is my first 1911 and the...

[Ruger Forum] Fantastic shooting ear muffs - bot muffs, shooting, Fantastic, Forum, Ruger,
Fantastic shooting ear muffs

These shooting ear muffs are pricy, no doubt of that. But I cannot tell you what a pleasure these are to use! You get what you pay for, as usual. ...

[Ruger Forum] LC9 safeties - bot safeties, Forum, Ruger,
LC9 safeties

I bought an LC9 last week. I have tried to find a good explanation of the safeties that are on an LC9, but did not find one using the search...

[Ruger Forum] Ruger Customer Service and Shipping - bot Shipping, Service, Customer, Ruger, Forum,
Ruger Customer Service and Shipping

The extractor rod on my Speed6 tends to back out and get stuck so I contacted Ruger customer service to get a replacement and a new star washer, they...

[Ruger Forum] Auto's - bot Autos, Forum, Ruger,

They are prone to jam;s ftf,fte, they are Auto's If you are lucky enough for your Auto to work for a while or longer with out FTF,FTE, or Jam you...

[Ruger Forum] New from Indiana - bot Indiana, from, Forum, Ruger,
New from Indiana

Hello, new to this forum and will soon be new to owning a ruger firearm! (That is whenever they are in stock again :eek: )

[Ruger Forum] Sp101 3inch no longer in production at this time?? - bot time, this, production, longer, 3inch, Sp101, Forum, Ruger,
Sp101 3inch no longer in production at this time??

I have contacted every dealer in the area I live in and they have all told me that they are sold out of the sp101 .357 3inch, and their dealers...

[Ruger Forum] Crooked rear sights!! - bot sights, rear, Crooked, Forum, Ruger,
Crooked rear sights!!

I have bought 4 brand new Ruger revolvers this year, 3 of which have been purchased in the past 2 months. Everyone of the rear sights have been...

[Ruger Forum] Take apart P95 mag, help! - bot help, apart, Take, Forum, Ruger,
Take apart P95 mag, help!

I searched for the answer to this one, but could not find one. Can someone please tell me how to take my P95 mags apart and put them back together...

[Ruger Forum] what forms of identification do i need to purchase a ar15 lower in Va - bot lower, ar15, purchase, need, identification, forms, what, Forum, Ruger,
what forms of identification do i need to purchase a ar15 lower in Va

searching the web i get conflicting answers , would like to pick one up at the Chantilly show this weekend

thanks in advance

[BASIC] Forum types - edcmania types, Forum, BASIC,
We have three kinds of forums mainly: Publics, Restricted and Private.

In Public ones we have two special forums: the ones for Introduction, the ones for Help and the ones for News and Announcements of the forum.

In the Restricted ones we have basically the ones related with trading (buy, sell and swap). The Discount and Promotions forum for our members is also restricted.

In the Private ones we have the special forums for the forum staff (Super Administrators, Administrators, Super Moderators and Moderators).

And now I will explain it more detailed:

Public forums:
They are the ones which can be read by everyone.
If you have just registered, it's necessary to introduce yourself first in one of the two introduction forums before you are able to write in the other public forums (as long as they allow it).
There are public forums which can never be written, as the Forum News and Announcement one.

Introduction forums:
[GENERAL] Forum domains, subdomains and addresses - edcmania addresses, subdomains, domains, Forum, GENERAL,
These are the main addresses (the real ones):

* In English: http://www.edcmania.com/forum/index.php (also http://www.edcmania.com/forum/index.php?tab=1)

* In Spanish: http://www.edcmania.com/forum/index.php?tab=2

These are the main directories:

* In English (configureable through User control panel):

* In Spanish (always, not configureable):

These are the main subdomains:

* In English (configureable through User control panel):

* In Spanish (always, not configureable):

These are the main domains:

* In English (configureable through User control panel):
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