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[Flashlight Blog] Review - 4Sevens Preon ReVo - bot ReVo, Preon, 4Sevens, Review, Blog, Flashlight,
Review - 4Sevens Preon ReVo

4Sevens recently released a few new flashlights: the Quark MiNi AA² and the Preon ReVo. Both flashlights are interesting in their design and function. I promise you guys that I will get to reviewing both, but today I'll be reviewing the Preon ReVo.

The Preon ReVo by 4Sevens is a great EDC Keychain...
[Flashlight Blog] Flashlight in the Home - bot Home, Flashlight, Blog,
Flashlight in the Home

Our vision is our most important sense. Without our vision we are at a severe disadvantage. However, in the dark, we lose our vision, putting us at a great disadvantage. This is something that many people often do not think about. At night, we are all totally blind unless we find a source of light. Today, through technology, we have access to relatively powerful sources of light that we can carry with us practically anywhere we go. We have no excuse to not be able to see.

[Flashlight Blog] How Does a LED Work? - bot Work, Does, Blog, Flashlight,
How Does a LED Work?

Read our new How Does a LED Work?
page in case you were wondering how a light
like this 4Sevens Preon ReVo is so bright.
I posted a new page onto our site. You can read it here. It's about How LED's Work. Originally, I planned on putting it as a
[Flashlight Blog] Review - 4Sevens Quark Turbo Series - bot Series, Turbo, Quark, 4Sevens, Review, Blog, Flashlight,
Review - 4Sevens Quark Turbo Series

The Quark Turbo series of flashlights make
long-range lights small and affordable.
While I haven't gotten around to reviewing them yet, 4Sevens Quark flashlights are a staple product for the 4Sevens company. The Quark series is know for its compact brightness and durability. One of the features of the...
[Flashlight Blog] CR123A or AA? - bot CR123A, Blog, Flashlight,
CR123A or AA?

For the average person, a flashlight is a flashlight, as long as it's adequately small and bright. A large percentage of people don't know or care about different bulbs, diodes, lighting modes or battery types. They never really had to know, because they don't normally use flashlights.

Which battery: CR123A - Lithium or AA - Alkaline?
For us, it's different. We...
[Flashlight Blog] Review - 4Sevens Quark MiNi Series - bot Series, MiNi, Quark, 4Sevens, Review, Blog, Flashlight,
Review - 4Sevens Quark MiNi Series

One of the most popular series of flashlights that 4Sevens puts it is the Quark MiNi series, and for good reason, too. These flashlights are some of the most compact and bright lights on the market today. If you're on to lookout for a super-bright, but compact flashlight, then you're going to enjoy this post.

[Flashlight Blog] Difference Between R5 and S2 LED Emitter - bot Emitter, Between, Difference, Blog, Flashlight,
Difference Between R5 and S2 LED Emitter

The LED emitter is clearly seen on this Maelstrom G5.
As many of you may know, the flashlight company 4Sevens, has recently undergone a fairly significant change to their flashlight lineup. While most of the flashlights have the same name, their LED emitters have changed from the XP-G R5 LED to the XP-G S2 emitter.
Flashlight anti-battery-rattle device (ultra-cheapo) - tam ultra cheapo, device, anti battery rattle, Flashlight,
Dimensions of the same type of battery vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so flashlight factories often make battery tubes slightly wider than necessary, to accomodate any battery brand that you may come across. The result is an unpleasant rattle.

Here's the simple and ultra-cheap solution to this problem, which I've put to use with my 1*AAA and 1*AA Fenix flashlights.

What you need is: PET plastic beverage bottle (beer, soda, whatever) of preferably regular cyllindrical shape, scissors and (optionally) a hollow punch. Cut out a patch of plastic (as flat and even as possible), and trim it with scissors to fit around the battery. Cut out holes or recesses if you like (not really necessary, but looks smarter, hehe) and bend plastic into cylindrical shape. Place the plastic around the battery and insert together into battery tube (don't apply force or yo'ull end up with a stuck battery!)

My favourite shapes are these:

DIY 9-volt flashlight - tam flashlight, 9 volt,
Ultra-cheapo, long runtime flashlight that snaps on a 9V battery, first version (actually, there are three videos on this same YouTube channel, showing different stages of a project):


Virtually everything in this project is salvaged from junk, except 25kmcd LEDs and batteries. If you have to buy the resistors, they're cheap as dirt.

Flashlight housing, the most complicated part, is made from parts of scrap plastic (heated and shaped over the propane burner, then glued together with superglue and finished with a file and few grades of sandpaper). Simpler (and less work-consuming) solution would be to pot (seal) the connector, circuit and LEDs (protecting the switch first!) with epoxy glue.

I'd be glad to explain any phase of the project in detail, if there's interest...

N'joy :wink:


A YouTube user asked me to explain the fabrication process of a 9V flashlight body.
Free and new iTP A3 EOS Upgrade Edition (black aluminium or SS) - 3 modes flashlight - edcmania flashlight, modes, aluminium, black, Edition, Upgrade, Free,
Do you want a totally free and new keychain flashlight?

I will send to your home for free (free shipping too of course) a completely new iTP A3 EOS Upgrade Edition flashlight (boxed, never used) if you win the competition. Join and participate is easy and free!

The flashlight is black and made of aluminium, it has 3 modes (Low, Mid and High) and uses Cree XP-E Q5. It works with one AAA battery (not included). Here you can discover more about it (these pages are not mine, just for information):

http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?240639-ITP-A3-EOS-amp-Maratac-AAA-Reviews-RUNTIME S-BEAMSHOTS-DETAILED-PICS-amp-more!





flashlight-torches.co.uk - edcmania flashlight torchescouk,
Top secret :P
flashlight-torches.co.uk - edcmania flashlight torchescouk,
Top secret :P
My flashlight collection - edcmania collection, flashlight,

Here you have my flashlight collection (almost all of them):

** A1:

** A2:


** C1:

** C2:

** D1:

** D2:

** E1:

** E2:

** F1:

** F2:

DIY: Cheapolite! Powerful 6 x AA / 2 x D / 3 x D / 4 x D / 5 x D / 6 x D flashlight - edcmania flashlight, Powerful, Cheapolite,
DIY: Cheapolite! Powerful 6 x AA / 2 x D / 3 x D / 4 x D / 5 x D / 6 x D flashlight, very cheap

I have created some homemade flashlights pretty easily some months ago and I would like to share the instructions with you so you can create some too in case you are interested. They are very bright and cheap for their power output. I call them cheapolites.

You only need to buy two products in Dealextreme (free worldwide shipping) or more optionally (Kaidomain also offers free worldwide shipping, but looking for cheaper products in other similar webs as Focalprice, Manafont, Tinydeal, etc. is a good idea):

1) A good drop-in that fits Maglite D versions or clones that can accept different range of voltage input. Here you have some options (you only need one):

* 5 x R2, 5 modes (my choice) for 33.65 USD: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/5-cree-r2-5-mode-1200-lumen-white-light-drop-in-l...
flashlight strobe mode - Langcjl mode, strobe, flashlight,
So there is finally a place where one can talk about strobe modes without scaring people? awsome!
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