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Fenix AB02 Flashlight Holster Modified (Rotor Removed) - tam Removed, Rotor, Modified, Holster, Flashlight, AB02, Fenix,
After only few hours of use I've found my new Fenix AB02 flashlight holster to be annoyingly clumsy, owing to its bulky rotating mechanism and clip being attached in the middle of holster.

It was also obvious to me that carrying my Solarforce L2 angled down in this holster (although that's what it is made for) can only lead to it being dropped and damaged, or lost, since there's not enough grip to hold it securely in place. In other words, no real use for the rotor. So out came the Dremel tool and sewing kit.

After removing the steel clip (unlatch with a knife blade and slide it out) use needlenose pliers to squeeze the split plastic pivot (arrow!) and remove the plastic clip, exposing the rotating mechanism. Note the amount of grease!

Use grinding disc to sand down the brass rivet heads (arrows!) and a knife blade to remove them. Now the black plastic rotor housing can be removed from the holster. You can now remove two useless...
Fenix E05 (1xAAA) after one month of EDCing - tam EDCing, month, after, 1xAAA, Fenix,
I've bought this tiny Fenix flashlight about one month ago, and since the first day it had dwelled in the watch pocket of my jeans, taking the place of my former regular EDC - the Fenix LD01. During winter, when days are shorter and I prefer carrying 100lm+ flashlights, it serves as a backup to my Fenix LD15 or Jetbeam PA01/PA40.

First I must point out that I've stopped carrying keyring flashlights on my keyring. I'm EDCing them in my trouser or jacket pockets instead. That's because I don't want my fairly expensive lights to get damaged by a dangling bulk of keys - that's the worst imaginable environment for a flashlight. I've seen proverbially sturdy little lights (like Mag Solitaire and Streamlight Key-Mate) wear and literally break apart from keyring EDCing.

Let's get back to the topic. E05 is a very small light - as a matter of fact there is only one brand name 1xAAA LED flashlight on the market that is smaller than E05, that being Nextorch K1 (please correct me if I'm wrong).
[EDC Items] Fenix TK40 Flashlight - bot Flashlight, TK40, Fenix, Items,
Fenix TK40 Flashlight

Sometimes you just need more light. For those occasions, Fenix makes the TK40. Packing a whopping maximum of 630 advertised lumens, the TK40 is best described as portable sunshine. While the advertised output was probably overestimated as usual, the actual output is still staggering. The TK40 uses eight AA batteries to power the Cree LED

[CandlePowerForums - Blogs] Beamshots: Fenix TK70, TK41 vs Olight SR90, M3X vs 24W and 35W HID! - bot SR90, Olight, TK41, TK70, Fenix, Beamshots, Blogs, CandlePowerForums,
Beamshots: Fenix TK70, TK41 vs Olight SR90, M3X vs 24W and 35W HID!

---Quote (Originally by jirik_cz)---
On the Easter Weekend we had a small flashaholic meeting. There was really nice collection of flashlights so we took some beamshots :)

I was really surprised...

http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/entry.php?22-Beamshots-Fenix-TK70-TK41-vs-Olight-SR90-M3X-vs-24W -and-35W-HID!
[CandlePowerForums - Blogs] New Fenix XM-L flashlights - TK21, TK41 and TK70 - bot TK70, TK41, TK21, flashlights, XM L, Fenix, Blogs, CandlePowerForums,
New Fenix XM-L flashlights - TK21, TK41 and TK70

---Quote (Originally by gopajti)---
TK35 vs TK70

Image: http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/503/tk3570m.jpg
Image: http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/4121/tk7070m.jpg


[CandlePowerForums - Blogs] Fenix HP11 review? - bot review, HP11, Fenix, Blogs, CandlePowerForums,
Fenix HP11 review?

---Quote (Originally by Szemhazai)---
NO, at this time you can find beam-shots only at my website :...

[Every Day Commentary] Fenix LD10 Review - bot Review, LD10, Fenix, Commentary, Every,
Fenix LD10 Review

This is my first review of a Fenix light. They were the upstart that really started the new wave of high quality, relatively inexpensive flashlights. Their lights now range from the cheap and decent E01 all the way up to the massive and expensive TK70, a 2200 lumen monster.

Here is my LD10 with its light&saber buddy, the excellent Spyderco Delica 4:


I received this light in a trade. I sent one of my walking sticks to a fellow EDCFer and said send something that you think is of equal worth back. I got the LD10 about two weeks later. Here is...
Diffused (& beat up) Fenix E01 - tam Fenix, beat, Diffused,
This is my Fenix E01 with worn out anodising, LD01 clip and a custom ring. Nothing special, really.

And now, take a closer look at the LED and reflector (above): both are sanded to provide more spill and to elliminate ugly blue hotspot.

This is how it looks on the white wall:

PS: toroid is my nick from light-reviews forum.

Complete mod log is here...
[Documentary] Visit to the Fenix factory - edcmania factory, Fenix, Visit, Documentary,
The documentary has three parts (in Russian and English too, mixed):

Part 1: http://fonarik.com/fenix/ekskursiya-na-zavod-fonarej-fenix-chast-1-znakomstvo-s-proizvodstvom.html
Part 2: http://fonarik.com/fenix/ekskursiya-na-zavod-fonarej-fenix-chast-2-kontrol-kachestva-a-tour-to-the-f enix-factory-part-2.html

Part 3: http://fonarik.com/fenix/ekskursiya-na-zavod-fonarej-fenix-chast-3-–-voprosy-otvety-i-had-a-lot-of -questions-part-3.html

Who said that there is no quality in China? :P
[Reportaje] Visita a la fábrica de Fenix - edcmania Fenix, fábrica, Visita, Reportaje,
Tal como dije en el otro hilo (http://www.edcmania.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=40&pid=243#pid243), he buscado por Internet ese foro o página que relataba la visita de la fábrica de las linternas Fenix con fotos y todo.

Al final lo he encontrado, parece ser que es un blog de Rusia.

El reportaje son tres partes (en Ruso y también en Inglés, entremezclado, pero se puede utilizar un traductor como el de Google si no sabemos ni ruso ni inglés, aunque lo que más me gusta a mi son las fotos):

Parte 1: http://fonarik.com/fenix/ekskursiya-na-zavod-fonarej-fenix-chast-1-znakomstvo-s-proizvodstvom.html
Parte 2: http://fonarik.com/fenix/ekskursiya-na-zavod-fonarej-fenix-chast-2-kontrol-kachestva-a-tour-to-the-f enix-factory-part-2.html

Parte 3: http://fonarik.com/fenix/ekskursiya-na-zavod-fonarej-fenix-chast-3-–-voprosy-otvety-i-had-a-lot-of -questions-part-3.html

¿Quién dijo que en China no puede haber calidad? :P
Futura Fenix TK70 - edcmania TK70, Fenix, Futura,
No sé si la conoceréis ya, pero la Fenix TK70 va a salir dentro de muy poco y va a ser una pasada.

Utilizará tres Cree XM-L (seguramente T6) y se alimentará de 4 pilas de tamaño D (seguramente las normales de voltaje de 1,2 a 1,5V aproximadamente). Se dice que ofrecerá de unos 2000 a 2200 lumens, seguramente OTF (Out The Front) aunque bien pudieran ser ANSI (estándar) lo cual sería más potente. Se especula con que saldrá en julio de este mismo año (julio de 2011), sólo falta un mes más o menos :D

Aquí hay algunas fotos y también se habla del tema (en diferentes idiomas):



http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?311109-New-Fenix-XM-L-flashlights-TK21-TK41-and-T K70


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