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Hello, South Central PA here - williams83 here, Central, South, Hello,
I'm very new to everything in regards to the subject of this forum. I do EDC, but it's a rather uneducated EDC. I'm here to learn and hopefully someday, contribute.
[E.D.C. Central Blog] iNoxCase For iPhone 4 by C.R.K.T. - bot CRKT, iPhone, iNoxCase, Blog, Central,
iNoxCase For iPhone 4 by C.R.K.T.

For those with an iPhone 4, there is a new case out there from Columbia River Knife & Tool called the iNoxCase. It is a collaboration between C.R.K.T. and industrial designer Ryan Glasgow. Here is an excerpt from their web page about the case:
“Inox”, borrowed from the French lexicon, means “stainless steel”. This ultra-thin and functionally stylish iNoxCase cell phone accessory is your extra insurance for flops and drops. The iNoxCase features a 304 stainless steel exoskeleton. 304 stainless is what dominates the St. Louis skyline—the Gateway ...

[E.D.C. Central Blog] Ruger SR40c - bot SR40c, Ruger, Blog, Central,
Ruger SR40c

We like to give a “heads up” to our readers. So for anyone looking for a compact .40 caliber pistol, you may want to take a look at the SR40c from Ruger. Here are the details from Ruger’s website:
The SR40c™ is the compact version of the recoil reducing, striker-fired SR40™ pistol, one of the slimmest and most ergonomic full-sized .40 caliber pistols on the market today.
The SR40c is based on the same high-performance glass-filled nylon frame as those used on the popular SR9®, SR9c™ and SR40 pistols, offering ...

[E.D.C. Central Blog] EDC in Australia - bot Australia, Blog, Central,
EDC in Australia

Here’s an article from our friend down under, Shooter Guru, on the differences in EDC between Australia and the US.
EDC Australia vs. America
By Shooter Guru
So we all know what the terms EDC and CCW are right. Well for those that don’t know EDC is an acronym for Everyday Carry and CCW stands for Concealed Carry Weapon. Whilst both Australia and America recognise the universal right for a person to defend their life and property, the countries, with respect to firearms, are quite different in what they allow their citizens to ...

[E.D.C. Central Blog] American Kami Ti Spork Review - bot Review, Spork, Kami, American, Blog, Central,
American Kami Ti Spork Review

The spork. A tool which is the combination of two eating utensils, a spoon and a fork. The spork is defined as “a hybrid form of cutlery taking the form of a spoon-like shallow scoop with three or four fork tines”. When I hear the term “spork”, I am whisked away to memories of my grade school cafeteria. But I never thought that one day, the spork would be used for something other than scooping up cafeteria food. This brings me to the American Kami Ti-Spork. ...

[E.D.C. Central Blog] Zero Tolerance 777 - bot Tolerance, Zero, Blog, Central,
Zero Tolerance 777

Zero Tolerance is going upscale! Branching out from their usual no nonsense, hard-use knives, the 777 is an upscale gentlemans knife. Woven carbon fibre scales, “herringbone” Damascus composite blade, and enough style to choke a horse, the 777 is the Rodeo Drive special of the ZT line. Expected to be released sometime next year, you’ll have plenty of time to save up for the estimated just-under $500 price tag.

[E.D.C. Central Blog] Pro Ears Predator Gold Electronic Ear Muffs - bot Muffs, Electronic, Gold, Predator, Ears, Blog, Central,
Pro Ears Predator Gold Electronic Ear Muffs

We as humans tend to enjoy loud noises as long as we’re the ones making them. Some great examples would be blasting your favorite tune in the car, fireworks, a motorcycle (Harleys for me), and lastly, a loud gun.  A “loud” gun?  Yes!  With a home-defense or even an EDC weapon, the shock and awe of a thunderous boom could be seen as a benefit when it comes to intimidating your attacker. Plus, loud guns can be just plain fun! But as much fun as it may be, protecting your hearing ...

[E.D.C. Central Blog] Want a Custom Knife GAW… - bot GAW…, Knife, Custom, Want, Blog, Central,
Want a Custom Knife GAW…

Would you like a custom knife? Who wouldn’t??!! We are having a Giveaway on the Forum for a custom knife. This is just one of the many benefits of being a registered member. Stop by and say hello.


[E.D.C. Central Blog] Rudy Project Rydons - bot Rydons, Project, Rudy, Blog, Central,
Rudy Project Rydons

Whether you’re on the shooting line, answering calls out on patrol, or hitting the local singletrack, you only have one set of eyes and that’s why eye protection is one of the most important pieces of gear you can invest in. I have to admit,  in my younger years I was a little careless when it came to protecting my eyes. And after a few close calls and couple of trips to the emergency room to have metal shavings and other assorted foreign objects removed, I’m now much more aware ...

[E.D.C. Central Blog] 2011 MacBook Pro: Quick Review - bot Review, Quick, MacBook, 2011, Blog, Central,
2011 MacBook Pro: Quick Review

We take our work on the EDC Central blog and forum quite seriously. To be effective, we must be connected at all times in order to post information, assist members, or even as I am doing now, provide you with a review. I needed to update my portable computing power, as my needs have recently changed. I was using a 2009 MacBook Air, but lately found myself multi-tasking more while I am out and about. So, the Air needed to be replaced.
I decided to go with ...

[E.D.C. Central Blog] Bagaboo Messenger Bag - bot Messenger, Bagaboo, Blog, Central,
Bagaboo Messenger Bag

As far as EDC goes I’m definitely a minimalist, I don’t like to carry a lot of things around with me when I’m out and about. But between work and various other activities there are many times that I have to lug something around with me, so a quality bag is an important part of my EDC setup. In my quest to find my next bag I took my search worldwide and found Bagaboo Bags out of Budapest, Hungary.
Founded in 2005 by ex bike messenger Tamas Tuhegyi, Bagaboo makes a ...

[Survival Today] Preparing for Earthquakes in Central US - bot Central, Earthquakes, Preparing, Today, Survival,
Preparing for Earthquakes in Central US

If you live in one of the central states in the United States, you can participate in The Great Central US Shake Out, happening on April 28th 2011. Folks in Indiana will get to do it a bit earlier, on April 19th. This is the first time such a large scale drill is being done

[E.D.C. Central Blog] We Have Changed Addresses - bot Addresses, Changed, Have, Blog, Central,
We Have Changed Addresses

Hey everyone, please excuse the dust while we change URLs. The new URL for the forum is www.edccentral.com/forum, and the Blog address is now www.edccentral.com. Don’t forget to update your bookmarks to reflect these changes. You can also reach the forum from the EDC Central Forum button at the top of this page. If you have any problems logging in, please email MemberServices@edccentral.com.
Thank you all for you continued support and your patience during this time. Stay safe.

[E.D.C. Central Blog] Zero Tolerance 560/561 - bot 560561, Tolerance, Zero, Blog, Central,
Zero Tolerance 560/561

Start saving your pennies! Expected to be released sometime towards the end of the year, Zero Tolerance has once again collaborated with Rick Hinderer to bring us the 560/561. With a 3.75″ stonewashed Elmax blade, beautifully machined G10 scale and Titanium framelock, Rick Hinderer design and the tight tolerances and quality ZT Knives is known for, the 560/561 is going to be one of the must have knives of the year. If you’ve always wanted a Hinderer but couldn’t afford an original or weren’t lucky enough to find one in ...

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